Your full guide to professionalism at “Player unknown’s Battlegrounds.”


BattlegroundsPUBG Game Idea Overview

  • The idea of the game is to survive against 100 players, parachuting from a plane being sent to an isolated island.
  • The players do not carry any items on the landing, and once they land the search journey within buildings and sites begins to find the appropriate weapons that help him to exclude players against him.
  • With the knowledge that these weapons are distributed randomly within these sites and buildings.
  • You can play as a single player or team of two or four players.
  • Also, the game depends on aiming from the perspective of the third person.

The reasons for the success of PUBG

The success of this game is due to several reasons; as mentioned above, we have quality, fun, updates, and maps. The most important of all is the psychological factor; it raises the instinct of the human trying to prevail over the rest of the players and hear the tune of victory at the end of the tour.On the economic level, we can’t say, but PUBG has outperformed all the games that have the same idea. For example, after the version of the game was released on the Android and iOS platforms, downloads for this game exceeded 60 million downloads.Also, do not forget the big publicity campaign by its manufacturer Bluehole, which calls on all social networking platforms to experiment with the game.


We know that there are many maps in this wonderful game and therefore we will provide you with sufficient information on each map and its weapons, areas, and means of transport and others:


  • It is the first and main PUBG map developed in early 2016 when “BlueHole” talked to “PLAYERUNKNOWN” about making “Battle Royal”, and then the same year fans were asked to try it, and the happy moment in September 2016 began by playing with this map, and later in December the Duo and Squad categories were announced.
  • It is known as the ideal map to hide.
  • As for the naming of this map, Erangel is an abandoned fictional island located in the Black Sea near Russia and was militarily controlled.
  • Chemical and biological weapons tests were carried out on the local population after the resistance attacked a biological facility.
  • The Soviets occupied the island from the 1950s and used it for military tests. This explains the existence of the military base, the hospital, and the storage bases. You can also see signs of resistance against the Soviets, which we will let you know.
  • Areas:
  • It is divided into large, small areas and major landmarks Large areas: Georopol – Novorepnoye – Pochinki – Yasnaya Polyana Small areas: Gatka – Kameshki – Lipovka – Mylta – Primorsk -Rozhok – Severny – Stalber – Zharki Landmarks: Stalber – Sosnovka Island – Sosnovka Military Base



It was developed in 2017, a map that includes rural areas and vast desert plains, and became available for the three modes of play on a computer specifically in December 2017.It contains a varied terrain and dense urban areas, with an island to the southeast, where there is a small prison and smaller villages, which include grooves and high mountains, wonderful for lovers of sniping methods, so you need different tactics to get first place.


Large areas: Chumacera – El Pozo – La Cobreria – Los Leones – Valle del Mar -Monte Nuevo – San Martin.Small areas: Cruz del Valle – El Azahar – Impala – Los Higos – Pecado – Puerto Paraíso – Tierra Bronca – Torre Ahumada – La Bendita.Landmarks: Hacienda del Patrón – Prison.


The competition was intense with Fortnite, and therefore it was necessary to do some updates and the most important was the new map, to make PUBG compete for the other game and tops the list again.The new map was named Sanhok, it is the third map on the history of this game, but it is different with the appropriate dynamic, that the blue zone is moving slower or faster, according to the number of players who are still alive.This map is inspired by forests located in East Asia in general and the islands of the Philippines and Thailand in particular.As for the name, it has two words, the first from Thailand “สนุก” means “fun” and pronounced “sah-nook”, the second is from the Philippines, meaning “chicken” and pronounced “mah-nook”, the words were collected to get “Sanhok”.

·         Areas:

Cities: Ban Tai – Camp Alpha – Camp Bravo – Camp Charlie – Ha Tinh, Khao – Pai Nan -Tat Mok Landmarks: Cave – Bhan – Bootcamp – Docks – Lakawi – Mongnai – Na Kham – Resort – Tambang – Temple / Ruins – Quarry


We will show you the tables and pictures of the weapons in the game with the shots assigned to each weapon in addition to the impact on the opponent at launch: A table that includes all kinds of weapons from the best to the worst Table showing the best automatic rifles with shots assigned to them and the useful range and influence on the opponent Table showing Shotgun weapons and full information A table showing the types of snipers with all the details and information about them A table showing the types of machine guns Table showing types of pistols A table showing the types of energy drinks and first aid and all the details related to them Distribution of the value of injuries in the body of the opponent

What does the new PUBG update offer?

After getting to know the most important information about the tools included in the game, maps, and regions, now we will talk about the new update.It seems that the long fighting in the previous maps may make some players bored and therefore prefer the map Erangel from the rest of the maps, so the company issued a map that feels like a user playing in Erangel but with beautiful white scenes, the Vikendi map.Vikendi is a great map, and according to the critics it is the best of PUBG, but the great misery is concentrated in the scarcity of weapons and ammunition, that is, if you do not find a weapon soon and urgently after landing you will leave the competition quickly Also, you have to be very patient, and your decisions are right to move, tactic and fire.The game is quick, and you’ll love its experience. I’m sure it will return you as if you were playing the old PUBG, and we will not talk about it anymore, leaving you some good surprises when playing.


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