Work online from home


Work online from homeInternet and work

The present age is considered the age of the Internet and communications, where many different tasks can be accomplished through various communication networks, including the Internet.

The work on the Internet is a vast field, and it is expanding day by day, because many of the work does not require the actual presence, but enough virtual presence through the communications network, and thus it can be carried out from anywhere in the world and deliver different services or goods to anyone in the world provided it is connected to the network.

The work that depends on the Internet is not different from other work; it is a work based on seriousness and diligence, contrary to what many people may think about the fact that working on the Internet is very easy and generates large amounts of money; work, in general, takes time and effort, It also requires possession of a certain skill or knowledge of some kind.

Work online from home

Work online from home

Give private lessons

Anyone can give private tutoring through the Internet via Skype or Google Hangouts, and all you need to know is what is worth learning, such as chemistry, math, language, drawing, sewing, etc. It also requires a clear camera and a computer at the teacher and students where the communication through and give lessons learned.

Payment is made through the PayPal website where you can handle the Visa card or online shopping card provided by many banks, or the fee can be through bank transfer.

Writing Blogs

Writing is a way to express you and put forward different opinions about specific issues or topics. You can create a blog using a website that provides free blogging services like WordPress and others. The blog should have a large audience and many readers to start earning a reasonable amount of money.

Make a profit by linking a blog account to a Google AdSense account that coordinates the blog with companies that want to advertise commercial and marketing ads on the blog. As companies pay Google to place ads on the blog and pay the advertiser for Google Adsense by the number of people who saw the ad when they visit the blog to read it, the profit is sent to the bank account as a bank transfer.

Make videos on YouTube

Uploading videos on YouTube is like writing and publishing blogs; a channel is created free on the YouTube website and then upload and publish different videos as in blogs, YouTube can be linked to a Google AdSense account that can show ads on videos, If the viewer has not clicked on the ad’s “Skip Ad” and seen the entire ad, the channel owner earns a lot of money for it.

Also, as in blogs, the channel must have a large audience and a large number of views so that there are a large number of viewers of ads and therefore earning a reasonable amount of money; Because one view of a single advertisement does not win the owner of the channel only a small amount, and rely on the quantity for a reasonable monthly income.

Providing various services

It is possible to work through a private website where a person offers his services through the Internet. The service is based on the skill of the person and the type of knowledge he has. For example, a person who has nutrition and a dietary certificate may provide online food services where the customer or client enters his data on the website, and the nutritionist creates an appropriate diet program and sells it through the website.

Anyone who has a certificate or knowledge of translation can also translate certain documents on demand through his website or with the assistance of another person, and many other services that can be provided through a website without actual presence with customers and clients.



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