Who is Al Capone


Who is Al Capone?

He is a gang leader with Italian origin, whose reputation has terrified people.

He worked in drugs, human trafficking, and many other illegal acts.

He donated part of the profit of his criminal acts in favor of charity.

About Al Capone

“Al Capone” was one of the most powerful gangsters of all time, and his tales continue to frighten people all over the world.

The reputation of the famous “Capone” was a great inspiration for moviemakers, as the character was designed based on the stories told about him. Although he belonged to a poor family and left school at an early age, he managed to leave a mark and become rich in a few years.

After working as a thief in some small bands, “Toriou”, a famous gangster, adopted him and helped him form a great name in the criminal world. “Capone”, through his political power, helped “William Thompson” win the election.

He first earned the nickname “Robin Hood” and was well known among the people, donating large sums of his criminal work to charity, but damaged his reputation after the brutal street massacre of Valentine.

Despite being a mafia leader, but he was probably polite and light-tempered, he also turned out to be a very bad person if someone stood up against him.

Al Capone’s Beginnings

Born on 17 January 1899 in New York, his mother Teresina was tailoring, and his father is Gabriel Capone Barber.

His parents were immigrants of Italian origin, he left his school in sixth grade and was said to have been expelled for beating his teacher.

He worked in small jobs to support himself, but soon caught the attention of the gangster known as “Johnny Torreau”, who made him part of “Chicago Outfit” gang, which was working in the field of prostitution and drug trafficking and many other criminal acts.

Al Capone’s Achievements

“Capone” soon became the deputy to “Johnny Torreau” after the death of his former deputy and founder of gang “James Colosimo”, who was completely in control of the drug trade. Many accounts also say that his death was a plot planned by Capone himself.

In 1925 a number of rival gang members tried to assassinate him, but he managed to escape and survive. “Johnny Torreau” was not extradited from assassination attempts and fled the country. “Caboni” age of 26 was appointed head of the gang, with many responsibilities.

He worked in human trade and alcohol and transport companies also. “Capone” became an influential figure and played an important role in helping “William Thompson” win the Chicago mayor’s election, and donated $ 250,000 to support “William” in the 1927 election.

Because of his reputation and bad deeds, the government of the USA decided to tighten its grip on him, asking him to declare all his illegal acts. In 1929 he was tried by the federal court for his various crimes. He was jailed in the same year for possessing a pistol during a trip to Philadelphia and spent nine months behind bars.

In 1931, “Capone” was sentenced to imprisonment for evasion of income tax. After spending two years in a prison near “Atlanta”, he was transferred to the famous “Alcatraz” prison and imprisoned there for years.

Al Capone’s Famous Words

My organization was built on fear.

They can’t get legal taxes from illegal money.

The ban did nothing but trouble.

Al Capone’s Personal Life

Capone had eight brothers, two of whom, Frank and Ralph, worked with him and performed some of the gang’s work.

Capone had a relationship with a woman named May Josephine Coughlin, who had his son Albert before marriage, and after Albert’s birth they got married, that was 1918.

After earning enough money, he bought a modest house on the south side of Chicago and moved to it with his family and brothers.

Al Capone’s Death

He was early infected with syphilis and left untreated. When he was imprisoned in Alcatraz, the disease worsened and his health deteriorated.

He was released from prison six years later and was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore, where he stayed for about three years. In the end, Capone surrendered to the heart attack and died on 25 January 1947 at the age of 48.

Facts about Al Capone

  • Many movies have been produced inspired by the story of “Al Capone”, “The Untouchable” was one of the movies, that was produced in 1984. The film depicts the plot drawn up by the FBI agent Eliot Ness, who was performed by Kevin Costner to beat the Capone gang because of their corruption.
  • The agent Eliot issued a book detailing the process that led him to eliminate the Al Capone gang.
  • Hollywood giants at the time included Sean Connery and Robert De Niro participated in the movie, directed by Brian De Palma.
  • Sean Connery won Oscar Best Actor in an Assistant role, the movie was nominated for three other Oscar Awards and won other awards at international festivals including the Baffetta and the Golden Globe.






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