WhatsApp Business … How to Register, Set Up and Use Application Features!

WhatsApp Business seems to be a unique opportunity and may be very useful for users with small or medium-sized businesses, especially those that can be managed from home. 

The challenge remains to be able to use all of its features to drive your business forward and achieve its success.

How to register and setup

After you’ve downloaded the WhatsApp Business application from the store, open the app and go to the initial setup process. API Tracking Link for Netherlands

First, enter and verify your phone number, then you’ll need to enter your business name, which may be your store name or company name, noting that once you type your business name you can’t change your business name, so you need to be sure of the name you choose.

Once you’re done, you’ll be taken to the app’s home page, which is similar to the normal app.  Why use a taxi?

You’ll have a quick shortcut to the camera on the left, followed by three tabs – Chats, Status, and Calls – in the top right you’ll have a three-point menu button, while below you have a chat start icon.

How to set up profile and statistics

One of the interesting parts of the app is that when you create a Business Profile for your business, you can add your business details, by clicking the three dots in the top right corner, click “Settings,” then click “Business settings.”

Now, in your profile settings you can set an image that reflects your activity followed by your business title, and you can also install the location on Google Maps so that it is easier for your customers to click on the map and move to your site simply, then you can also choose your domain category, which can be cars, clothing, restaurant, transportation … etc.
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In the next section, you can describe your business, followed by business days and hours; you can also add the email address for your business and website. After adding all of these details, click “Save” in the top right.

Keep in mind that this section also includes statistics that tell you about your business, where you can see the number of messages you’ve sent, messages delivered, and messages your customers read. United Airlines flight deals

Messaging Tools

Another exciting and useful tool with the WhatsApp Business application is Messaging Tools, which is accessible from Business Settings, with three options – Away Message, Greeting Message, and Quick Replies.

Where “Away Message” can be reached when customers call you outside the working hours (which can be specified in settings), and you can also set a remote message always to send when customers request to chat with you on the app.

The second option is a “Greeting Message” that can be used to greet customers when they first call you, or when there are 14 days of inactivity between you and your customers.

Finally, there are “Quick Replies” that may make it easier for you to communicate with customers. For example, the word “Soon” can be selected as a quick response to write such a response “I will check the order and respond to you in detail.”Fly for less with Skyscanner

Also, all other features of WhatsApp Business are the same as in the normal app, where you can hide your last appearance, your profile photo, your status from everyone, or people who are not in your contact list.

All conversations are encrypted with End to End technology, and there is a two-step verification feature for additional security, you can change your phone number, and there’s an option to delete your account as well. You can also use Google Drive to restore your chat history and copy it as a backup just like you would on a normal application.
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Chat Labels

The new WhatsApp Business application is a feature for chat labeling in your business application, which allows you to classify chats appropriately, including chat ratings – new customer, new order, pending payment, paid and order complete, each label has different colors to make it easier to identify, You can also create new labels, edit existing labels, and change colors as well.

To add labels to chat conversations open the app and open conversation with the user, click the three dots at the top left followed by “Label Chats,” and select the label you want to add by clicking the checkbox and clicking “Save.”

To edit labels or change colors, open the application app, then click “labels” Here you can get the add button at the bottom left to add a new one, or you can click the button to make changes.Search for vacation rentals in over 12,000 destinationsFlipKey

What about the desktop application?

Just like the normal application, WhatsApp Business also gives you the convenience of working from any desktop using a desktop browser and chatting with the well-known “keyboard and mouse” features. 
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In your browser go to web.whatsapp.com and then open the application on your phone, In the top right corner, click WhatsApp Web, then scan the QR icon on the screen and the chat window will be reflected on your computer screen.Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights up to 51% Off on ETripmakers



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