What is Web banner?

Web Banner Definition

An ad form that appears within a Web page, this ad contains either JPG-png-GIF or multimedia files that are often flash-type, and this ad can be static or mobile depending on the techniques that you create.

What is Web banner

How Web banner Works

Depending on the types of ads, they work with the same mechanism, where the ad appears, whether it’s a photo, video or other on the webpage, and when pressed, The advertiser’s website is opened, and the advertised product is presented to the user.
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Web Banner Goal

As in fact outside the Internet, the task of advertising is to tell you that there is a product or a show that prompts you to enter the store, where the owners of the store say that they offer a unique offer on one of the products of the store. Book now best Airfares to Europe!

In the same way, the web banner works across websites, but in general, store owners try to put their ads on sites visited by their customers, so we can say that the goal that makes the website owners use the web banner is to increase congestion within site by offering deals and discounts for suitable products Within suitable locations.

Tasks performed by the Web banner

      • Increase customer presence in reality Since the Web Banner relies on the principle of access to the site with a single click on it; it is, therefore, easy to access the site significantly increasing the rate of customer visits to the site.Find the best hotels in Paris with Skyscanner!

    • The analysis provided by the Web Banner can tell how much time the customer spent on the site, what is an impression, etc., and the performance is better marketing with a specific marketing objective to be measured.
      • By displaying a valid product in a correct place that will be sold more, and this is one of the most critical roles of the web banner, you should study the display of products in different locations accurately; such as offering a product that provides a solution to a problem in the site that talks about the problem or contains visitors from the direct customers of the product will inevitably lead to go directly to buy this product to get the solution.Increase Product Sales Fly for less with Skyscanner

  • Attracting customer attention 
    • One of the most difficult tasks of our time is to attract the attention of the target customer, especially in the virtual world that contains many creative methods of advertising design, and here the design depends on the target audience where the advertising owner decides according to his audience whether to put a more appropriate picture of a moving video on Example.Fly for less with Skyscanner
    • One of the most important ways to increase sales is to advertise product discounts and customer offerings, for example, the company would like to offer its products for sale at a discounted price in the Black Friday event, and with a large number of participants and products will be the Web banner using a design that fits Plaque is very convenient. Advertising discounts and products Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly


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