What is the Postal Code


What is the Postal CodeInternet

The Internet is the largest network, which has been able to connect the entire world, and the wide use and entry into all areas of our lives. Thousands of websites have been created on this network, including what is available for study, shopping, entertainment, and other useful programs, but sometimes we find that some places and websites on the Internet can’t be accessed except by the existence of the so-called Postal code.

Postal Code

A Postal Code is a set of letters or numbers that are appended to the mailing address of a site. This code is used to make it easier to divide locations and reach the area you want to access easily. It is also used to complete registration in a location or to communicate with someone in another country.

For places or websites that can only be accessed with the postal code of the region or country, they are:

What is the Postal Code

  • Online shopping sites: You can’t do any process through these sites without the introduction of the postal code so that the trader can identify on the address easily to send the goods to him, and the most famous of these sites: Amazon, and eBay.
  • Google sites and services that are done using: such as email or Google AdSense, which uses the postcode here to determine the location that is registered in detail, as Google AdSense service, for example, can’t accept any account without writing the correct code for the region.
  • E-mail services: such as Yahoo and Hotmail, you can’t create any e-mail account without a zip code.
  • Banking and E-Payment sites: When registering on any bank website, this requires user identification through the serial number of the area or neighborhood, as well as when using payment cards.
  • The sites of the delivery companies that deliver the packages and products: the most famous Aramex, these sites require mainly the introduction of the postal code of the region so that the company to deliver products or parcels to the required area.
  • Smartphones: Require a zip code to complete operations, whether you use a program, apps, or games, or upload them.




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