What is the internet?

Written By: Samia Arif 

The Internet

The Internet is a term of two words, the first is the word “International”, the second is the word “Network“, these words are merged in one word to become the “Internet”; the World Wide Web, which is also called the “Net”, and the most important services of this network is the web service.

What is internet

It is known as a global network of millions of computers from more than 190 countries, which are connected to exchange data, news, and opinions.GroundLink

The Internet is the largest computer network in the world, because of the huge number of computers and servers connected around the world by Routers and Switches.

The establishment of the Internet began in the late 1960s, and the first successful message was sent in October 1969, while it witnessed the largest increase in the number of users in its history in 1993.

The Internet contains billions of web pages filled with information and entertainment generated by different people and businesses around the world. The Internet contains thousands of services that make life easier for people and shorten their time and effort. Examples of such services include Bank account and their online information.
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 Main Internet Protocols

Several protocols are used on the Internet to facilitate communication between networks devices, these protocols include: 

  • Internet protocol (IP): is the basis of other protocols, which is responsible for making basic connections between connected devices, so that each connected device has a special address which is represented by numbers.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): is a set of agreed rules to transfer files such as images, sound, documents, and others via the World Wide Web, as any visit to any web page will use this protocol. Web servers contain a so-called “Daemon”, which is a program that receives (HTTP) requests sent by a client to this protocol, which web browser is an example of, as when a user visits a site using the browser, the HTTP request is sent to the IP address referring to the URL of the website, and then is answered by the program and send the files related to the web page to it.Flight Deals?

  • Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS): is a more secure version of the standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), since connections with it have a protective layer that does not exist in the latter.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): is the oldest of all Internet protocols except Internet Protocol (IP); as it became available in 1971. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to download and upload files from one device to another device within the network, and this protocol is not secure if its settings are not set correctly, and the connection may be compromised if the settings are left as they are.
  • The Secure Shell (SSH): a safe way to transfer data, it has many features of the (FTP), but it is more secure, has more features, allows access to servers and executes remote commands.
  • Telnet protocol: allows remote access to and control of computers; however, it lacks secure communication standards; it does not encrypt data sent and received over the network.


Is a place on the Internet that includes web pages linked to each other, which can be accessed and opened by visiting the home page of this sites using a web browser, by typing the URL in the browser’s custom box, If you do not know the address, you can use a search engine to know it, and websites can be created by people, companies, or governments.earch flights with Skyscanner

 Web Browser

Is a program used to access websites and information on the World Wide Web, and there are several types of web browsers each with different features and forms, as after typing the “URL” and access to it, the browser receives a code written in the “Html” or another language of the webserver, then translate the code and render the page to appear as required.

 Hypertext Markup Language

It is a set of symbols and tags that are written in a file to explain to the browser how to show the page and the contained images and writings as required, as each text from the file is an element of the page.

 Deep Web

The term deep network refers to the Internet content that is not visible to the public, which the Internet user can not access even if he uses search engines. The deep network is represented in the password-protected objects, non-permanent links, e-mails, bank accounts, personal messages on social networking sites such as twitter, protected images, intranet, etc.Search flights with Skyscanner

Raw data, such as government data or those used by scientists and researchers, as well as databases that can be used for research, are all within the deep network, and the dark network is also part of the deep network.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly


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