What is Smart Phone


What is Smart Phone?

Definition of smartphone

The smartphone is a built-in laptop and a mobile device. The smartphone is equipped with a smart display and software to manage personal information and an operating system that allows the operation of various software programs, such as: Web browsing, e- Music, photos and many different applications.

Smartphone features

Smartphones perform several tasks and responsibilities, such as:

  • Management of the personal information of the user such as calendar, daily tasks list, and personal notes.
  • Ability to connect to other devices such as computers.
  • Ability to synchronize information with Microsoft applications, word processing applications, and video games.
  • Check transactions.
  • Storing credit card information and bill payments.
  • Ability to make a connection via Wi-Fi networks.

Smartphone Tasks

Phone Calls

The main function of smartphones is to provide incoming and outgoing phone calls. Most smartphones also provide the ability to select the speakerphone and enjoy leaving a message service if the called person is busy.


Smartphones include a high-resolution digital camera that helps you get digital photos and videos. A user with a smartphone can directly share photos and videos on social media or text messaging sites.

Text messages

The smartphone provides the ability to send and receive SMS messages. The smartphone contains a keyboard that displays on the phone screen when needed, designed as a computer keyboard, and is preferred on the traditional telephone keypad.

Internet connection

The smartphone provides Internet browsing services through web browser software, such as computers, where it receives Wi-Fi or cell towers, and enables the user to browse the world through web networks.

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