What is Hashtag


What is HashtagHashtag

The hashtag is one of the essential features of social networking sites and is used to see all the updates and posts that are related to it by pressing it.

It is created by entering the following code (#), and if you want to write a Hashtag of two words the following tag (_) is printed between the words where the latest posts will appear in a particular link.

Hashtag Features

  • The possibility of deploying Hashtag using the mobile phone.
  • The possibility of using Hashtag to start a conversation with a group, where each publication is published in the status updates of each group.
  • The hashtag helps to reach the target market easily, thus facilitating the promotion of goods.
  • To search for Hashtag, write it in the Facebook search bar.

Hashtag Privacy

It is possible to control who sees your posts containing Hashtag by setting personal account settings on Facebook, as is followed in the privacy settings of each publication:

  • If you share your content with your friends, your friends will be able to click through to see all the other updates on Facebook that share the same theme.
  • While everyone will be able to see Hashtag whether or not among friends, and others in the event of participation Hashtag in public content.

What is Hashtag

The Purpose of Hashtag

  • Continuous follow-up of interests, where Hashtag facilitates the monitoring of all news and related matters, organizes information and facilitates access to it.
  • Talk to friends and communicate with them, by identifying a specific hashtag among themselves, and using it at the end of their publications to indicate
  • Get more followers and fans on social networking pages like Twitter.
  • It appears in the priority of search options when searching for any information, which helps in promoting and spreading.
  • Know people’s opinions on a particular subject or idea, as well as follow your competitors, and the reactions of their customers in the labor market, which helps to learn from mistakes.
  • Know the most important events that occupy people’s interests on social networking sites.
  • Reach the target group; know their behavior and their ideas.

Hashtag in Marketing

  • Gather all marketing campaign activities under one roof, making it easy to publish.
  • Know the opinions of different age groups in a particular product.
  • Know the most important and best types of products that attract the attention of customers.
  • Spread awareness about different types of products, and follow up customer feedback.
  • Developing the company’s ideas and products in line with the consumer’s desire and opinions.
  • Communicate with customers closely.



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