What is Google AdSense


Google AdSense

Is a Google advertising program that allows webmasters to place ads on their sites in a free and simple way.

Google AdSense Properties

Customization and control

The Google AdSense program enables the user to customize, control and change ads, and these changes include:

  • Change the ad format to fit the site.
  • Determine where your ad appears on the site.
  • Show ads that are relevant to users’ interests.
  • Choose ad sizes and formats through a variety of options.
  • Block certain categories of ads from appearing.

Easy access to support

Google AdSense provides support to the advertiser by:

  • Personal recommendations during business growth.
  • The Help Center and eLearning tools provide you with how to successfully run an account.

Access Google Ads

Google AdSense makes it easy to access ads as it:

  • Enables immediate and automatic access to a huge source of advertiser requests.
  • Provides competition for certain advertising spaces.
  • Helps accessing relevant ads for content on the web.

Display Tools

Google Ad sense offers easy and personalized reports, enabling users to understand their ad performance and identify potential growth opportunities.

Steps to Use Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense requires the following steps:

  • Create a Google user account, follow the instructions to create your AdSense settings, and finally a JavaScript code appears, to be copied and saved to a file for later use.
  • Login the Web program of your site through an administrator account.
  • Click on the “Site” icon, then on “Global Configuration”, and change the “WYSIWYG” default editor to “no editor”. If it is not changed, the default “WYSIWYG” editor will change the JavaScript code, even if the HTML source is edited.
  • Go to “Extensions”, then “Module Manager”, create a new module version of the custom HTML module, paste the copied JavaScript into its assigned location, and fill in other transactions such as “Address”, then save the module.
  • Click again on the “Site” icon, then on the “Global Configuration”, and change the “WYSIWYG” default editor back to what it was before.

Tips using Google AdSense

When using Google AdSense, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Choose the right ad type and format to be posted to your website. Your ad may include text, image, or both, and of course, the more ad formats, the greater chances of increasing revenue.
  • Choose where your ad will appear by copying and pasting a sample of code where the ad should appear.
  • Monitor top-paying ads, bidding on the best ad space.
  • Paying to advertisers and networks by automatic payment when you collect a certain amount of money. Each time an ad is clicked and viewed, the advertiser’s profit rate increases by a certain amount.


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 Written by: Shady El-Shafie


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