What is Apple Maps?

Just as Google created its own interactive maps service and spread heavily on Android phones, its biggest competitor Apple was quick to launch a similar and different Apple Maps service at the same time.API Tracking Link for Netherlands

What is the purpose of Apple Maps?

This service is the main application in the IOS and Mac systems for maps, and it is always promoted as “take you to where you want to go” Apple does not want the service to be simply surfing the world maps simple, but there are several more sophisticated features of this principle and has Also been introduced in watchOS. Why use a taxi?

What are the features of the service?

To be a strong competitor to the Google logo, the service offers this feature:

    • The app forecasts where you go most likely and suggests the quickest way to go, based on several factors such as traffic jam, time, schedule, and location.
    • The search service feature seeks to find the closest points to you according to your search results, for example, if you are looking for restaurants, the service will refer to the nearest restaurants for your place.Carmel #1 Car and Limousine Service in America

    • The app supports voice help and voice alert to get around and go the right way, and also guide you to drive on the right side of the road and speed limits, and offer the driver the estimated time it takes to cross from a busy road or other.
    • You can activate notices for bus and train routes, etc. in a particular city supported by the application, to receive information about the time of the train’s departure, for example, and you can choose a specific mode of transport to focus on notices.
    • There are mini-maps for large airports and others, so you know what’s inside of the main spots, or the floor where your favorite store is located in a particular shopping mall.

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  • If the service features are not sufficient for you, you can download other applications that work within the service, some of which are reserved for a table in a restaurant and request a taxi, and the service when you request a car from Uber, for example, to show the driver’s whereabouts on the map.
  • The service supports the Siri Voice Assist feature you can throw voice commands through it, and you will transfer these commands to the map service to take you to the right way, etc.
  • Via Apple Maps You can activate the flyover feature to explore the world with a high resolution near realism and the possibility of browsing with 3d vision
  • The service supports the ICloud cloud feature to save and restore your favorite places around the world whenever you want, with promises from the company that any special information is protected significantly without the authorization of its importance. 

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Does it differ from Google Maps?

A question that we have in mind from the beginning, and because of the list of great features, which carries a huge part of it Apple’s stamp and its services, there is no doubt that the two services differ.

In the beginning, you will notice a radical difference in the user interface and also the way of viewing places in front of you, Apple Maps suffers from simplified and flat imaging of some buildings, while Google Maps in three-dimensional models and browsing maps is not very different except that Apple tends to be simpler more. Carmel Limo Service

The features of each service vary in work, sometimes in titles only, but some opinions tend to argue that Google Maps is better in terms of features because it allows you to surf offline, and also a feature that is not present in its competitor are small maps of the bicycle routes, and you can plan the way Given offline Internet connection, this can be said that Apple maps consume less data but Google compensates you for this greater consumption of data across other features most notably the download and later work offline Internet.Travel in style. For less than a hotel. Search for vacation rentals in over 12,000 destinations.

On the other hand, Google has received several criticisms of security about withdrawing the user information and where it is kept, so if you are of the kind that cares so much for privacy and security, Apple seems to have excelled significantly here.

It is noteworthy that the Google Maps application is available on Android and iOS phones while the other is available exclusively on iOS systems only, and updated with system updates, and Google Maps can receive independent updates whenever the company wants it. Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly



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