What is a firewall

Definition of the firewall

Firewall is the device that companies or organizations put in place to ensure the security of their programs and files from hacking and theft from external parties, so that the device is placed specifically between the internal network of the organization and the Internet, so that the identification of the unwanted Which infiltrates the organization’s internal computer network and then informs the administrator of the system. The firewall is not only used to provide security against external attacks but can be used to identify sites that employees are not allowed to access, including sites that perform Such as gaming sites, news sites, etc. It is worth mentioning that many companies are still not using the firewall for high cost, or for their need to have experts or specialists to deal with them.Free flight comparison with Skyscanner

The firewall can be software or a device that helps to identify any attempts to piracy and shows the presence of viruses that disrupt the functioning of the computer, which is one of the necessary to be used to protect the computer network of the user, to prevent the spread of viruses.Flight Deals?

Benefits of the firewall

The firewall helps protect private information and does not allow access to it through the Internet. If a company has a staff of up to 500 employees, a large number of computers are connected to a single network, and there is no firewall, hackers and pirates can easily access to all information, which presents information and data of the company at risk, and here comes the role of the firewall as one way to help protect computers when connecting to the Internet.Search flights with Skyscanner

Firewall methods

· Proxy Service: The method of proxy service in which the firewall retrieves information from the Internet, and then sends it to the system it requested and vice versa.
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· Packet filtering: Packet filtering Small parts of the data) by a set of filters, then the packets passing through the filters are sent to the system you ordered, and the remainder is excluded.Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!

· Case inspection is a newer method than the previous methods, so that the contents of each package are not checked, but certain key parts of the package are compared with a reliable information database, and information transmitted from the firewall is controlled Outside, to match specific characteristics, and then compare the information contained with these characteristics, if the results of the comparison give a reasonable match, then allow information to pass, and is ignored.iPage Web Hosting.



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