US spy plane crash (U 2)


US spy plane crash (U 2)

The Events

While Khrushchev (Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the former Communist Party of China) was seeking to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in an effort to improve US-Soviet relations, the U-2 crash occurred, while President Eisenhower always rejected penetrating operations for the Soviet airspace.

But in April 1960, President Eisenhower agreed that a spy plane would carry out its mission within the Soviet Union at the request of the CIA, which returned and requested entry again. President Eisenhower agreed on the basis that the mission would be completed within two weeks at most.

The CIA planned the operation and set it for May 1, 1960. At 5:20 pm, Francis Garry Bowers was preparing for his plane after removing its entire insignia and the insignia of his jacket at the Peshawar airbase in Pakistan. At 6:26 the order reached to start the operation. The plane took off. It quickly reached a height of 60 thousand feet. About an hour later, the plane reached the Soviet border and penetrated Soviet airspace.

When the air warning system revealed the presence of an unknown aircraft, the readiness of the air defense forces was raised in the penetration zones. The anti-aircraft missile battalion (SAM-2) launched a missile and hit the tail of the aircraft, Bowers tried to control the plane, but failed, and parachuted as the body of the plane fell to the ground and was arrested.

After the plane was shot down, its commander, Frances Pawar’s was found and was brought to trial, which the United States said was unfair, although Pawares admitted before the court, and he was sentenced to only 10 years in prison, but in 1962, Pawers was replaced for the Russian spy Rudolf Abel, who was captured by the CIA in 1957 in New York.

After the downing of the U-2, the joy of the communists and most of the world’s freemen, who were proud of the greatness of the Soviet Union, and its superiority over the United States in the field of military and space conquest at that time, they dreamed that the countries of the world would follow the example of the Soviet Union to the socialist system.

The incident also led the Soviet Union to resume its nuclear experiments, which had been suspended for more than three years.

“At 5:30 pm Moscow time, a US airliner crossed our border and continued to fly deep into our airspace. The Minister of Defense informed the Soviet government of this attack, asserting that the aggressor knew what to do when he crossed the border of another country. If he remained without deterrence, he will commit new provocations, so must take decisive measures to drop the plane, the mission has been carried out, the plane was dropped” Khrushchev said at the time, speaking of an incident in violation of Russian airspace by a US spy plane.



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