The Way to Block a Site


The Way to Block a SiteWebsites

It is a collection of digital content, made up of models and designs on the Internet, owned by a person or a group of people, where each website in a particular field is interested in a segment of people.

Therefore, websites are an essential component of the Internet and a factor that has led to widespread electronic browsing among computer users and modern digital devices.

But some Internet users need to block certain websites for some reasons, including:

  • Morally inappropriate websites.
  • Websites containing content not suitable for small age groups.
  • Websites causing inconvenience or breach of user privacy.

How to Block a Site

There are many ways in which Internet users can block a website they want to prevent from appearing on their computers or in front of other people, especially if a computer is used more than one person, such as home computers, here are some ways to ban:

Blocking by computer

The computer user can block the website, through the Internet browser, as Windows operating system provides a special application on the Internet, called (Internet options), through which the user can protect his device, and provide a safe environment while browsing websites.

To access Internet options, follow these steps:

  • From the “Start” menu, click on “All Applications,” and then on “Windows System,” and choose “Control Panel.”
  • When the control panel screen appears, click the application icon “Internet Options.”
  • From the “Internet Options” application screen, click on the “Protection” option at the top of the screen to display four icons, and choose the fourth icon “Restricted Sites.”
  • On the right of the screen a rectangle called “Websites” appears, click it. Writes the URL of the website you want to block on the new screen, and then click “Add.” The URL appears in the block list on the screen to block access.

The Way to Block a Site

Blocking through your ISP

Companies that provide Internet service to individuals and other companies provides the site blocking feature, called (Safe Browsing).

It is a service that purifies all Internet browsers, which are used on the computer, which gets the Internet from the provider, against the payment of subscription fees agreed upon with the service applicant, so that the Internet provider prevents any suspicious websites from appearing to the user while surfing the Internet.

Special programs in Blocking

Many of the companies that are concerned with applications and electronic and digital programs dedicated to protecting individuals and companies have designed blocking programs such as McAfee and Symantec.

It is a set of programs that help block the master data of any user-selected Web site. These programs are designed to provide privacy to the user by identifying websites that he or she wants to block through a computer or other digital device.



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