The most famous Roman Emperors


The most famous Roman Emperors

The history of the Romans was marked by a long centuries-old civilization. This history includes a big-long development in many fields, and many people from different countries lived under the banner of the Roman Empire.

The most famous Roman emperors

Emperor August

He was one of the most famous Roman emperors, and his real name was “Julius Caesar Octavius Devi Philos August”.

Born to a noble family of Romans, the August rule began with a period of peace and quiet, and then the August rule witnessed many important conquests and expansions.

Among these expansions, he was able to rule Egypt, after a long battle in Alexandria. Egypt was called the “Prince of the Roman Crown” at that time. It was a prominent place in their rule because it was known as the “House of Wheat”.

Emperor Nero

He was the last Roman emperors belonging to the Euclidean family. His reign was marked by an era of bloodshed and assassinations. Nero was essentially an actor and singer.

Many of his assistants attempted to overthrow the government and seize it.

The most famous of Nero’s crimes was the famous Fire of Rome, which was in 64 AD, and his goal was to destroy Rome, so that he could rebuild it, and sat watching the scene of the rising fire, and the victims everywhere, while hymn-sing poems of Homer, thousands of people died in this fire, and there were many rumors about him causing the fire, which made him hated by his people. Also one of the most famous crimes was his persecution and brutalization of the Christians.

Emperor Galba

This emperor was “Serpius Solbiosus”, a Roman emperor and one of the most eminent emperors of the Four Emperors Era.

He took the Roman rule at a later age, after knowing the intention of Nero to assassinate him, when he was one of the rulers of the sectors, governed by Rome.

He was known to be a lazy emperor, and his age was marked by the deterioration of the Roman Empire.

Emperor Titus

He was the son of Emperor Vespasian, and one of the Flavian dynasties and his age was also distinguished not only for the expansion of the Roman Empire, as well as the great persecution of the Jews.

Emperor Hadrian

This emperor was one of the most famous Antonin emperors and distinguished his time with great glory, but the end was a tragic end.

He built several fortifications for Rome and was a successful military commander. He was even the most famous among the emperors of his time. He was able to develop Rome economically and built walls around Rome, and to this day parts of these walls are still present.

Emperor Constantine I

He was the founder of the state of Constantinople. He had a great role in the Roman Church. He was a jealous Christian. He confiscated the temples of the idols and converted many of them to churches. He also distinguished his time with great conquests. He was known for his people’s love for him, and he was a sublime and wise person with high morals.

Emperor Justinian I

He ruled the Roman Empire for a very long time and was known for his sanctification by the Orthodox Church, his age was known of the intensification of crisis against Rome, but he managed to get out of these crises and expanded the Roman Empire, to include many countries of the Mediterranean basin.




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