The invention of gunpowder


The invention of gunpowder

The Chinese invented gunpowder in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Gunpowder is a black powder, consisting of sulfur, sodium nitrate, and coal. The gunpowder was not used in the previous time to cause any disasters, because the amount of sodium nitrate it contains is 50%, but now it is 75%.

The Chinese used gunpowder first in fireworks, then in wars, and then in primitive missiles. In addition, the Chinese tried to keep the gunpowder in secret for themselves. However, during the Song Dynasty wars, Muslims and Romans knew the gunpowder, and so it was known in the world.

History of gunpowder

In the past, gunpowder was widely used for detonation and for firing from guns. However, it was replaced by more powerful explosives by varying the relative amounts of its chemical elements. The increase in potassium nitrate, for example, increases the speed of combustion, Another powder contains potassium chlorate instead of nitrates and is commonly used in fireworks, and in matches as well.

The gunpowder was introduced into Europe by the Arabs, and its invention is attributed to Roger Bacon and to the German chemist Berthold Schwarz. Nevertheless, it is agreed that gunpowder was introduced into Europe in the fourteenth century but was not invented there. Revolutionized the war and played a major role in changing European patterns of life until the modern era. Finally, it was the only explosive gun that was widely used until the mid-19th century when it was replaced by nitroglycerin explosives.

The story of the invention of gunpowder

Emperor Wu Di, an ancient Han dynasty (156-87) BC, wanted to live and rule forever. Ordered Chemists and religious scholars of his empire to search and discover a dose or drink for eternal life. Chemists mixed all kinds of compounds together and heated them to temperatures It was among the tested components of sulfur and potassium nitrate, and although they did not discover a way to make the individual live eternal life, they discovered some very interesting characteristics about these two substances; they are essential ingredients in gunpowder.

The experiments of Chinese chemists continued during the Tang Dynasty, which ruled China during the 8th century. They mixed potassium sulfate and sulfur with charcoal, so gunpowder was invented. They first found humane uses. It treats skin diseases and kills insects. , But did not take long to prove that these powerful explosives could have other uses.




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