The Great Mass Famine committed by Stalin in Ukraine


The Great Mass Famine committed by Stalin in Ukraine

The Great Mass Famine (Holodomor) was among the most horrific atrocities of the last century, and one of the most tragic chapters in contemporary Ukrainian history.

Holodomor, nicknamed “Genocide by Starvation”, was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin, who killed between 3 and 7 million Ukrainians during 1932-1933. However, the details of repression and deprivation, which led to the decline of Ukraine’s population by about five, remained unknown outside the Soviet Union for many years after that time.

That changed after the late historian and distinguished researcher in the Holodomor case, Robert Concust, published the details of the “terrorist famine”, and his published book in 1986, “Harvesting Sorrow,” is a complete history of Stalin’s crimes against the peasantry of the Soviet Union, including the Holodomor incident.

In his research, Conquest relied on the direct narration of immigrants, statistical data, economic figures, and media reports. The scale of the Holodomor disaster in the texts of the Konocet, describing Ukraine’s 40 million inhabitants as “a vast and vast bunk,” refers to the infamous Nazi concentration camp in Germany. “The works and the facts here have led to the loss of about 20 people, not for every word in this book, but for every letter,” he said.

History of the Great Famine (Holodomor)

In 1929, Stalin launched a campaign of political repression, including arrests, deportations, and executions of millions of prosperous peasants throughout the Soviet Union. At the same time, Stalin adopted the collective cooperative farm system, abolishing private land ownership and forcing the remaining peasants to work on state-run and supervised farms.

The famine swept Ukraine from 1932 after Stalin’s policy of cooperative farm system took effect. When the Russian dictator faced unexpected resistance from the peasantry in Ukraine, his regime responded by raising grain quota that farmers had to produce for the government to impossible levels. The peasants who resisted or refused to comply with Stalin’s orders were often arrested or destroyed their homes.

“Stalin deliberately targeted Ukraine and held it responsible for the whole crisis created by the policy of the Soviet leader,” historian and author Timothy Snyder said in an interview with Chimeric. “Ukraine has therefore been subjected to certain measures, such as closing its borders and confiscating the seeds necessary for planting Plants for the next year, and other measures, “leading to the death of huge numbers of starving Ukrainians.

The end of the Holodomor was in the fall of 1933 when Stalin estimated that the Ukrainians had been defeated, and finally allowed them to keep a small portion of their crops.


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