The easiest programming language


easiest programming languageThere is ten easiest programming languages classification to learn, as follows:

  • HTML: It was selected as one of the easiest and most user-friendly learning languages, according to developers. This language was developed in 1990 and is usually used in web design.
  • Python: This language was invented in 1989, but it was launched in 1994, and it is characterized by simple software that is easy to learn.
  • JavaScript: It is an open source software language that combines C, C ++ and Java functions and allows programmers to choose the language of their choice. JavaScript ranks first as one of the most innovative programming languages.
  • PHP: is an open source language also, usually used to develop websites, where it can be combined with HTML.
  • Java: This language was developed in 1991, and was classified as one of the programming languages preferred by the programmers, and the most varied in writing.
  • R: It is usually used to design statistical computing programs and (R Foundation for Statistical Computing) drawings, referred to as open source.
  • Shell: A program that runs on the Unix shell, which is used primarily to process files, execute programs, and print text.
  • Ruby: It is a simple, open-source, dynamic programming language that ranks first in the list of most creative programming languages.
  • Erlang: It is a general programming language, used primarily for the design of synchronized and distributed systems.
  • Go: It is an open source language that helps developing web applications using the fewest number of frameworks, web servers, or APIs, and is referred to as the most intuitive programming language.

easiest programming language

The easiest programming languages for children

There is a list of the best programming languages for children, as follows:

Language Suitable Age Requirements
Scratch From 8 to 16 years old A computer running on Mac, Windows, or Linux
Blockly Greater than ten years A computer running on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux
Alice Greater than ten years A computer running on Mac, Windows, or Linux
Swift Playgrounds Greater than ten years iPad
Twine Greater than 12 years Devices running on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
LEGO Mind-storm Robotics Greater than ten years A computer running on Mac OS or Windows, or iPad running on Android or iOS
Kodu From 8 to 14 years old Windows 7 or less, and Xbox 360.


Types of programming languages

Programming languages are divided into the following types:

  • Machine language: A language that a human can’t understand because it does not resemble any mathematical formula or notation that may be known to humans, in the form of bits or a set of 0 and 1.
  • Assembly language: A language that is higher than the language of the machine, and is based on the use of shortcodes for memory while allowing programmers to name them, for example, instead of the programmer to express the total box by 0110101100101000, can write the total in words.
  • Algorithmic languages: It is designed to express mathematical or symbolic calculations, such as FORTRAN, ALGOL, LISP, and C.
  • Business-oriented languages: Examples include COBOL.


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