The disadvantages of Java


The disadvantages of JavaSome technical aspects of Java in both the development process and the encryption system have slowed down. Without templates, polymorphism, or a built-in pre-processor, it is impossible to produce specialized, efficient copies of the same basic technique from within Java itself.

Other disadvantages of Java include the following:

  • Do not separate the levels of partitions within the Java language.
  • There are no prerequisites that ensure technical support for Java language users.
  • Lack of support in Java to write structures and methods of public data.
  • Lack of diversity in Java language.
  • Security, because the code that is executed on a user’s computer can be exploited in some cases for malicious purposes, which is one reason some people choose to disable JavaScript.
  • Depending on the end-user, sometimes JavaScript is interpreted differently by different browsers while server-side scripts will always produce the same output, while client-side scripts may be unpredictable.

Best programming languages

The following are the best programming languages by 2018:

  • C#.
  • C & C++.

The disadvantages of Java

Date of origin of Java language

The beginning of the emergence of both the Internet and the Web was in 1996, at the same time Microsoft was working on the issuance of the first operating programs Windows 95, which does not have an Internet browser.

Java was not in any way associated with the Internet, and as a result, Java programmers were more interested in Web programming than other competing language programmers.

Over the years Java has released many of its versions, which gave it sub-titles such as JDK 1.2, Java 2, SDK, Java 5, Java 7.


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