The American War on Iraq, Reasons and Goals


The American War on Iraq, Reasons, and Goals

The beginning of the Second Gulf War:

  • In the Second Gulf War, America drew the future in its favor and launched itself as the world leader of that war.
  • That war has been going on for years, though many of the foreseeable possibilities in the eyes of the planners of that war.
  • This war has motives and goals for the main player, “America”, while the other players are tools that hit each other and make some of the taste of others.
  • America has several goals of this war, including:
    • Striking the emerging Iraqi military force, built with Gulf funds and supervised by America, so as not to pose a future threat to Israel after it exhausted its role in striking Iran and the operation of Western weapons factories.
    • Striking the economic power of the Gulf States, which had the greatest impact in supporting the infrastructure of the “Islamic Awakening” in the world by mosques, centers, schools, universities, magazines, books, etc., in addition to its support for the confrontation countries with Israel and the Palestinian people and a promising development for the peoples of the region.
    • Putting the oil of the region under the control of US forces, which America has been working for since 1973, and no longer rely on political understandings.
    • To impose peace between the Arabs and Israel in order to achieve Israeli hegemony over the region, and ensure future stability, and the launch of the so-called new Middle East as an alternative to religious and national ties.
    • To stir unrest in the countries of the region between the regimes by provoking one against the other and between regimes and peoples by provoking the American presence in the region, the economic burdens of the war and the American military presence after the war, this affects peoples’ lives.
    • Striking the “Islamic Awakening” throughout the world arena, which the Gulf region played a major role in supporting and publishing, which will lead to violent reactions and consumption of efforts in the internal conflict.

The motives of America

The Apparent Motives

  • Disarming weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so as not to pose a threat to its neighbors, despite, the destruction of the Iraqi army in the Gulf War, the presence of inspection and espionage teams for ten years, in addition to, the almost daily American and British bombing of northern and southern Iraq, the siege imposed on it, and the imaging of satellites Industrial and spy planes, as stated by former inspection team officials.

The Real Motives

  • The development of America’s goals and an attempt to capture what can’t be achieved from the previous objectives in the previous war.
  • The twenty-first century is the century of conflict over petroleum energy.
  • An opportunity for direct control of energy sources before other forces compete.
  • The largest oil reserves in the world extending from the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq to the Gulf, and here in America from the second Gulf War has dominated or almost the Gulf oil, and after the occupation of Afghanistan arrived in the shores of the Caspian Sea, and remained only the seizure of Iraq and Iran.
  • Iraq and the Arabs are the weakest links, and justifications are ready “weapons of mass destruction”.
  • Zionist influence in the US administration is looking at the war on Iraq as a rescue for Israel from a predicament in the face of the Palestinian people struggling.
  • The war achieves the program of the extreme right that governs America today, who believes that America should control the world and, and impose American values instead of leading it and allowing it to a degree of cultural and cultural diversity and life in it.
  • There is no doubt that the group implemented in the Republican Party in America from the Reagan era to today is the group of “Evangelists”, one of the Protestant groups, and the most important beliefs, is the return of Christ after the establishment of the State of Israel and the Battle of Armageddon and the destruction of the world’s most prelude to the alleged return.
  • America has announced a world war on what it called terrorism and led the world behind it willingly and horribly. The president of the largest and most powerful nation in history announced that he is leading a global crusade to get Osama bin Laden alive or dead. The US government and the war machine are in dire need of an easy victory that will restore America’s prestige internationally and government credibility to the American people, in their estimation that a lightning war in Iraq in six days, as Rumsfeld said it can do all this.
  • Since the World Trade Center attack, the US economy has been hit by blows from heavy losses in the US stock market to the bankruptcy of airlines and electronics and lay off hundreds of thousands of workers to the scandals of accounting firms and other companies related to the US president and his vice, all this has brought the US economy into oscillations that will have the worst consequences in the future, and the government needs a distraction for the American people to rearrange their papers in an attempt to fill the budget deficit and address the problems, even if things were normal, the people’s punishment would be difficult. And in the Iraqi war an investigation of this distraction in addition to tickling Crusader feelings and American colonial emotions.
  • American hostility to Islamic orientation is well known in contemporary history. This does not mean that there are no rational or fair people in it, but unfortunately, there are few in number and weak in impact.
  • Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the propaganda machine, the American media, the centers of studies, Zionist pressure groups and companies monopoly all those blowing in the fire of hostility to “Islamic Awakening”.
  • Then the events of September took place whether it was a conspiracy or was behind the al-Qaeda to pour oil on the fire and to give them a pretext and evidence of their alleged terrorism of Islam and the seriousness of Islamic awakening.
  • America is in dire need of a military intelligence presence in the region to strike the “Islamic Awakening” in various ways and in different ways. The first is its preoccupation with this war and this problem about its cultural and developmental role and its role in facing the Jews in Palestine, and Iraq is in the midst of many of the existing conditions is most appropriate for the beginning of the implementation of this scheme.
  • America’s determination to seek to change many regimes and governments of the region or at least change the governors of these governments from within the system itself, and will be the balloon test for this process in Iraq, to be the center of operations and platform to manage the process in other countries afterward.

Factors affecting the occurrence of war or not

A military operation of this magnitude and this level will affect the future of the whole world, not be happening or not. There are many factors that war occurrence will depend on, its size, quality, or non-occurrence, and other alternatives.

  • The American decision on the war is one of the most important factors that show that America has decided to wage war, but it waits for the mobilization to try to change the position of the opponents of the war and to find an international cover for it and the search for funding for war from the countries of the region, or perhaps Saddam succumb to pressure and resign, and collapse his regime, and America occupy Iraq without a war under the pretext of the lack of alternative and to preserve the security and unity of Iraq, as the US forces saved the security and unity of Afghanistan !!!
  • American public opinion has a significant impact on the occurrence of war or refraining from it, and now it seems that, the majority of Americans are against the war, including former presidents and ministers, but the Republican majority in Parliament and the Senate is able to present the US president to the war and feel a little embarrassed as well as the media is able to influence the public opinion, and rally behind the decision of war, therefore the final result for the American public opinion would be in favor of the decision to war.
  • European governments: The European Union and thus NATO split into two teams a team behind Britain and follow the command of America and a team behind Germany and France is strongly opposed to the war and supported by his position that Russia, China and the European public opinion, no doubt that will hinder America and embarrass her and deprive her of the worldwide cover in front of the Security Council and the United Nations, and it’s not expected that Germany and France will change their position in favor of America, unlike Russia, which could enter into a compromise with America to change its position, but America in the end will not cancel the decision of war because of the European position.
  • The Arab and Islamic peoples and countries, which shows that America does not count them any account, especially governments, and that these peoples and governments are also unable to take a strong and firm stance against the war. When some of these countries met in Turkey and Syria and in other bilateral meetings was reprimand and denunciation and urged all to the victim of Iraq, but did not dare to just mention America, as well as the declaration of a strong position courageous to stand in the face of war and declare stand in the face of America.




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