Suez Canal


Suez Canal

The idea of digging a canal connecting Mediterranean waters with the waters of the Red Sea was not the idea of the present. There were channels between the Nile and the Red Sea coasts dug through the history of ancient Egypt and used in the transport of goods

France and the Suez Canal

After the campaign of the Emperor of France Napoleon Benobart to Egypt and acquainted with the old channels used in the ancient Egyptian ages, and in order to fight the British influence, one of the engineers commissioned a study on the delivery of Mediterranean waters with the waters of the Red Sea specialists conclude that the implementation of the idea is difficult because of rising water levels In the Red Sea from the water level in the Mediterranean, but another committee was formed under the chairmanship of a French engineer working with the Egyptian government and claiming “Delicips” to re-study the idea and found that the idea of different levels of water in the 2 seas the Mediterranean and the Red sea  was the wrong idea and the canal can be drilled easily and he presented the idea to Sultan Muhammad Ali Pasha, governor of Egypt at the time, but he rejected the idea because it brought to Egypt colonial ambitions and lead to interference in Egyptian politics. After the death of Muhammad Ali and the accession of Sultan Ibrahim Pasha in Egypt, The idea was re-introduced again and he agreed to implement the idea and an agreement was signed with France to carry out the work in return for obtaining the concession to operate the channel for 99 years, and was started digging the channel in 1859 and continued for ten years. The excavation work was completed and the waters of 2 seas White and Red met through this channel, in The date of November 17, 1869, began to prepare for the opening of this miraculous project, which was able to overcome all the natural obstacles encountered in the implementation of the drilling of this huge waterway of the greatest human achievements at the time.

Channel opening

Khedive Ismail wanted the opening ceremony of the channel to be a global celebration. He traveled to Europe to invite the kings and heads of foreign countries, art men, men of literature, politicians and Islamic and Christian clerics to attend the ceremony. The arrangement was arranged to receive guests of large numbers of the Egyptian people. 1000 cookers have been allocated and doubled to serve guests.

On October 15, 1860, boats, ships and yachts began to pass through the Suez Canal from various countries of the world. They were invited to Egypt to attend the world celebration. The world’s fleets lined up on the outskirts of the canal. The celebration began, which represented various activities from religious events to artistic and military activities. , Was a great day worthy of the greatness of the project.


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