The Sphinx is one of the largest statues in the world, with a length of 20 meters, and its width reaches to 73 meters. It is characterized by the body of a lion and the head of a man. Its head is decorated with a royal headdress. The statue is carved from one piece of limestone. According to some estimates, construction took about three years by 100 workers using stone hammers and copper chisels. It is believed that the Sphinx belongs to the fourth ruling dynasty that Khafari added, but some believe it was built by the brother of Khafri the Great Djedefre, to commemorate their father Khufu , And these scholars point out that the face of the Sphinx Enlarge bears more resemblance to Khafari, which rumored that Khufu himself built the statue

The goal of building the Sphinx

The original purpose of the Sphinx is unknown. It may have been built to symbolically guard over the Giza plateau, and it may have been a portrait of Pharaoh Khafra. Its face seems to bear a resemblance to Khafra’s, and the royal headdress that it wears is particular to pharaohs. The three pyramids were built as a tomb to protect the king’s body and to maintain the supplies he would need in the other world of thieves. He also believed that his building was tapered at the top of the pyramid, to be the starting point for the king’s spirit to rise to heaven and join the sun god. On the northern side of the Great Pyramid, the entrance to the pyramid has recently been introduced. Today, visitors enter the temple corridor leading to the Great Gallery, a wide corridor measuring 8.53 meters, to the king’s room lined with solid red granite. The King ‘s Ark, which was broken by the hand Thieves, the only thing that was left in the room, because they do not know the way out of the corridor.

The three pyramids

The pyramids are located on the Giza plateau in the Egyptian cemetery, which is the most famous compared to the pyramids of the ancient kingdom. It contains three huge pyramids: the Great Pyramid Khufu, which ruled from about 2589 to 2566 BC. The pyramid of Ibn Khufu, Khafra, which is believed to have been ruled from about 2558 BC to about 2532 BC. Pyramid of the grandson of Khufu, Mankara


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