Router programming method


Router programming methodRouter

The Router is a device to connect separate networks, each of these networks should have its own IP Address, the data was(is) transferred between these networks via the router, do it become a single network, nowThe Router became available in every house, with the development of technology and the need for home internet service around the clock, there are many types of routers according to its manufacturers, including “TP-Link”, “D-Link”, “NETGEAR” and “LINKSYS”, the best types for home use.

In the default mode, the router does not send and receive data. It needs an IP number and an Access List, which is created by the network administrator to control the device settings. As the router penetration(hacking)has increased, there was a need to reprogram the device and adjust its settings to ensure protection and this article, we will provide you with some information about how to program your “TP-Link Router”, read on and learn the easiest way to protect your device and your data.

Router programming methodRouter Programming Steps

  • Open the internet browser you are using, type the IP of “TP-Link” Router, which is the following digits string, and press enter button.
  • Enter the information requested from you (you can delete this), user name and password, both of them is the admin.
  • Press “Ok” and new page will appear.
  • Choose “Quick Setup” and another new page will appear.
  • Click “next” and you will see four options for the network connection, choose the second option “PPPOE” and then click”next”.
  • Enter the user name and password if they are in the Internet connection icon known as the broadband connection.
  • Type the network name and password in the designated places, to prevent others from connecting to the Internet by you.
  • Click “next”, the last page will appear, press “reboot” and search for the network name you entered earlier.
  • Click on the network name and connect it, and you will be asked to enter the password, type it and start using the Internet.

How to set the router settings?

  • Reset the router from the switch on the back of the device by pressing it for 2 minutes.
  • Go to the router settings, select Quick Setup, and click Next.
  • Choose the PPPOE connection type, and type the broadband password.
  • Enter the user name and password which the Internet service provider provided you with so that the router makes the connection automatically instead of you.
  • Type the password you want and choose Exit, then close the browser, so you have finished the router settings and ensure that your router is not to be penetrated.

Written by: Omnia Radwan



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