Roswell Ovo Incident


Roswell Ovo Incident

In 2011, a number of artifacts were discovered in Roswell, wherein 1947 he claimed to have a strange spacecraft (UFO). Frank Kempler took the secret metal pieces to several laboratories for exploration. The results showed that the mysterious artifacts did not come from the ground.

“… He  committed an analytical error in the laboratory, or that the substance does not come from the ground.”

Roswell’s case, also called the Roswell UFO incident, relates to the alleged spacecraft crash at Roswell 10. July 1947. This event was recognized as the emergence of modern ufology and led to many debates and speculation about the existence of extraterrestrial life. Many others consider these allegations unfounded. However, millions of people have since believed in extraterrestrial life. Became believers, despite skeptics who claimed that the event was not linked in any way to extraterrestrial life

The Roswell Accident – Frank Kimbler

The ultimate fact is that when we talk about the Roswell incident, everyone needs evidence to support these allegations. While many people claimed to have found parts of the alleged UFO that failed in New Mexico, no one came close to this scientific idea. This is why in 2011 UFO investigator claimed that he discovered that particular material. He found it in a place where the alien ship was believed to have crashed. He decided to conduct laboratory tests on a strange piece to prove that it was a part of a spacecraft.

The man behind this “interesting” discovery was Frank Kimpler, who was a teacher of geology and earth sciences at the Milwaukee Institute in Roswell, New Mexico. When Kimpler first came to the field as a professor, he thought it would be nice to investigate the local UFO myth: the alleged spacecraft crashed off Earth.

He thought it would be interesting to look in the area where the strange aircraft in 1947 is said to have crashed. He also decided to investigate how the military attempted to hide any evidence of a potential extraterrestrial ship. Finally, Mr. Kimpler decided that it would be desirable to initiate an investigation by analyzing various satellite images. It was found that some areas where the alleged ship had crashed appeared to have been burned, with abnormal geological properties. With a metal detector, he managed to get and find strange metal fragments (supposed alloys), and many buttons that were used by military team players in the middle of the last century.

According to Alejandra Rojas of Openminds.Tv, Mr. Kimpler discovered that the object was probably about 3/4 miles long and several hundred yards wide. He pointed in the direction mentioned by witnesses. He also noted that this area had very straight edges, which is unusual for natural phenomena.

Physical evidence of a UFO incident at Roswell

The information collected through satellite images and on the site offered more questions than answers. Mr. Kimbler’s goal was to find physical evidence of an accident. Now that he had found it, his next step was to find out what he had found. Kimberler’s most important discovery was the aluminum-like silver metal. When you study the area where it is alleged that the aliens have crashed discovered more silver pieces have emerged to be crushed and some edge artifacts even looked like melted.

After Kimberler obtained sufficient evidence, he turned to the Roswell International Museum and the UFO Research Center. There he showed his discoveries to the director of the Julie Schuster Museum, which he presented to Don Schmidt. The first tests were conducted at the football laboratory in New Mexico. Scientists used small projects to learn that the materials found by Kimpler were aluminum, silicon, manganese and copper alloys.

Although the material is not “unknown” or from another world, it is not usually in the form of a metal foil. With more questions than answers, Kimpler decided to obtain an analog analysis of the piece. He turned to the Institute for Meteorological Studies at the University of New Mexico, where he spoke with the isotope expert. Kimbler did not say anything about the material he brought to the scientists.

They want to confiscate evidence

Kepler went to the Metro Research Institute at the University of New Mexico and told them he wanted to test the part because he thought it was from another world. The people of Bigelow Aerospace were keen to help Kimberle get a riddle. However, several months later without results, Kimpler decided to go somewhere else and find another lab where his part could be adequately tested. The money for searching was obtained by the UFO Museum.

Finally, the results came, and they left in horror: “Either the laboratory conducted the analytical error or the material did not originate from the ground,” Kimbler said now that, seven years later in the study of the mysterious parts says Kimbler Palm Office (Office of Land Management) wants the material found.

As described in another article by Rojas for Open “The initial test of the isotope ratio carried out in collaboration with the UFO International Museum and Roswell Research Center was not conclusive but indicated that the material could have a different origin than the Earth. The material says he is near to proving “ET of Roswell.” Now that Kimpler said he was about to prove that a strange ship had crashed in Roswell in 1947, the government could confiscate the evidence.

The author Alexander Rojas explains:

“Kimberley was recently contacted and asked to submit material on Monday, June 25. This report came less than two weeks before the Roswell-UFO festival.”

Extract from an e-mail from Mr. Kimberl sent to Open

“The BLM office called me today and asked me to bring the artifacts I found to their office in Roswell, they want their executive to examine the material and see if you are violating US law,” the published document clearly states that anything smaller than 100 is an artifact. As he speaks in all American human rights laws, this is a prelude to confiscation or fines, or both. “Seriously, people, I miss a scientific test to prove that Roswell is the ET agent.”




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