Reasons for a slow computer

The presence of viruses

The computer system faces the problem of slow work due to a large number of spyware, viruses, or unwanted and programs on the user’s computer often. These programs can store the data of the person who is browsing the different sites as the password and the user name, and also can monitor the use of the Internet, because some of these sites carry mini-programs that are programmed to run on the computer without the knowledge of the user.\Book nowBest Airfares to Europe!

There are many open applications

  A large number of open programs and applications are a major cause of computer slowdowns. These programs drain system power resources, including RAM, CPU performance, graphics processing, and disk space. To the way these applications are used,Search flights with Skyscanner

For example, there are many tabs open on the web browser on the computer, which uses security technology to isolate each open window from the other. Each open tab is considered as an independent application, which greatly affects the speed of the device, And to retain only those necessary.
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Hidden programs

The presence of many programs hidden on the device as a result of the use of Flash Memory, to transfer information from one device to another increases the likelihood of transmission of viruses to the device, and thus slow, the download of programs from the Internet and unofficial sites increase the vulnerability of the device.Fly for less with Skyscanner

Eliminate this problem by adopting anti-virus programs, and it is recommended to standardize this type of software for all devices connected to the local network.

  Excess files

Having unnecessary files on the hard drive slows down your device.

You have to remove these files by going to Start – all programs – accessories – system tools – disk cleanup, then select the disk to clean and delete all unnecessary files.

Non-important programs

Eliminate unnecessary programs on disk C by removing these programs by going to the control panel menu, then All Control Panel Items, then Programs and Features, and then removing all unnecessary programs. Deleting programs by accessing them directly from the hard drive is one of the wrong ways to delete these programs.Fly for less with Skyscanner

The age of the computer

A computer may be the cause of its slow performance. Computers over the age of five can not run the latest versions of the software. The programs that are being updated are designed to work more efficiently on modern computers, so it is recommended to buy a new computer or try The idea of ​​the slow functioning of the old machine is slow.

other reasons

Dust and dirt accumulate on the processor, which hampers its function due to the slow cooling process, so it is recommended to clean the device periodically by using the air intake.

Having files of quality Temp On the device, note that it can be deleted by pressing windows a key R Then type the command.Bose FR Homepage





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