Princess Diana’s Death


Princess Diana’s Death

Princess Diana

Diana was born in the Park house, on the farm of Queen Elizabeth II, located in Sandringham.

She married Prince Charles on February 29, 1981 at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Their wedding was broadcast at a worldwide television ceremony and she had two children. The first was Prince William Arthur and the second was Prince Henry Charles.

Their lives faced many marital problems, which led to their separation; but despite their separation, they continued to carry out their royal duties and also participated in raising their children.

Princess Diana is one of the prettiest princesses in history, not only the beauty of the face but also an icon and an example of the beauty of the soul and the splendor of her personality. Since then history has recorded that humanity lost Princess Diana.

Her death was mad news that was not accepted by anyone who knew her and who did not. It was a great shock from her children to the youngest ordinary citizen. Her funeral was attended by 2.5 billion people around the world on September 6, 1997.

There was great controversy about her death, the reasons behind him and who was behind it, but there are many secrets and statements under investigation.

The Death of Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana was a tragic event, as she died after midnight on August 31, 1997, as a result of a traffic accident.

Diana and Emad Al-Din Al-Fayed (known as “Dodi”) left the Ritz Hotel, a Paris hotel, leaving with the driver of the Al Fayed family and Emad Al-Din’s personal guard.

They were followed by paparazzi after they left the hotel, which led to the crash of the car carrying Princess Diana in a Parisian tunnel, because of the out of control. Fayed and the driver died immediately, but the Princess died later in hospital and the bodyguard was seriously injured.

The billionaire Mohammed Al Fayed’s Secrets

The famous Egyptian billionaire Mohamed El Fayed has revealed that he sits 300 days a year in silent silence next to the body of his son Emad, who is buried in his palace next to the Oxtide area of London.

He also maintains his son’s apartment in Mayfair, London, to remain a living memory for him and for Princess Diana, and maintains Dodi’s apartment in Park Lane as he maintains its features with its elements and furniture as a sacred shrine, as it was the place where Dudi met Princess Diana in 1997.

The billionaire believes that Princess Diana and his son Dodi were killed by the British security services on the order of Prince Philip to prevent her from marrying a Muslim.

Although he has no evidence of that, he says she had received many threats from British Palace, especially from the royal family itself.

The result of these allegations on Fayed:

Confirming his statement that only one month after his claim, and filing a complaint in 2000, he was stripped of his shop, which Buckingham Palace has granted his license to the billionaire since 44 years since the beginning of their trade relationship, adding that the secrets behind it were covered.

The official spokesman of Buckingham Palace said at the time that the shop was stripped off and the petition was filed due to severe tension in the commercial relations between the palace and the billionaire and refused to comment on the matter at the time.

The main reason for killing the Princess and Dodi:

“They agreed to get married as soon as possible and publicly announce their engagement in London, especially after they confirmed their love for each other,” said a friend to “The Sun”.

Another source told the newspaper: “Fayed is still confident that the information and investigations will prove his claim that Dudi and Diana have been deliberately killed by the security services, and always echo the saying” they slaughtered my son”, and he believes that, because he learned that the royal family refused to marry his son to the princess, especially that Dudi was a Muslim and even if she is divorced from her husband the prince, she can’t bring in brothers for Prince Harry and William, because of course, they will be unlike the religion of their brothers. ”

The allegations behind the painful incident:

British police have issued a statement saying the cause of the accident was the driver of their car, Henry Paul, who was drunk, as well as the attempt of photographers and journalists to catch the car to take pictures of them, which led all to collide, especially as they rushed into a tunnel in Paris to escape them.

While the French investigations showed that the driver was really drunk and hurried in the tunnel, which led to the collision of the car with a pillar. And more than what was announced, that if they were wearing the seat belt, it may never happen, and Buckingham Palace announces: “The result of the investigations speaks for itself”.

A letter of Queen Elizabeth reveals her true feelings after Diana’s death

In a special letter of Queen Elizabeth, written six days after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, she revealed the state of grief that pervades the country, which has been particularly heartwarming.

According to ABC News, the letter was written to one of Queen Elizabeth’s assistants, Lady Henriette Abel Smith, and wrote to respond to the messages of condolence she received. The answer highlighted the grief that prevailed in the royal palace and how Prince William and Prince Harry felt after this tragic loss.

“It was sad, a terrible loss for the country, but the reaction of the public after her death was united with the reaction of the church service at the time,” said Her Royal Highness. “Although this unity was truly inspiring, it was unfortunately caused by loss.”

Her Majesty meant that the church witnessed a unique attendance to support the royal family and visit the body of Princess Diana there to pay tribute to the latter, “William and Harry were at the top of their courage at the time and I am very proud of my grandchildren,” the Queen added. The Queen stated that it was a very difficult experience in which the royal palace was placed in that period.

She said she was sad despite Diana’s bold statements about her tense relationship with her husband, which is not worthy of a princess like her.

The Last Call

Prince William and Harry announced their reaction when hearing the news of the death of their mother, Princess Diana. In an interview, the two princes declared their love for their mother, although she stayed for a long time outside the palace and for long periods of time they didn’t see her and relied solely on her voice by telephone, which they disliked, especially after the last telephone call that died after.

In an exclusive interview with British princes William and Harry, after the screening of new documentary about Diana’s life, so-called “Diana is Our Mother: Her Life and Her Legacy”, which was published to commemorate her 20th anniversary, the two princes revealed the last phone call just before the Paris incident she died in.

The two princes expressed their 20-year-old remorse, recalling that the reason was their mother’s last call, which they have neglected and caused a short stay because of their preoccupation with playing with their cousins.

“I have to live with this for the rest of my life. This is the first time that I and Harry have talked about this very personal matter because it is difficult and difficult to talk about,” Prince Harry said.

Prince William added, “I think Harry and I were in a hurry very much, all we said was in a hurry, “see you later”, “goodbye now” or “we will go now”, and if I know what will happen in a few minutes, I would never have done so. The call is still stuck in my mind”, when Prince William was asked whether he remembered his mother’s reaction or what she said then, he said,” Yes, yes I remember, “but he refused to mention it.

As for Harry, he said: “When my mother was on the phone, William shouted and said,” My mother wants to talk to you”, but I was busy playing, which led me ending the call so early, if I knew that her life would be taken away from us, I would talk to her more, and so far I remember the things I would tell her, if I knew. ”

On the following day, the two princes received the news of their mother’s death with great shock and great remorse. Prince William admitted that he was still thinking about her so far and missing her very much and felt it next to him on his wedding day in 2011.


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