Phases of the American revolution


Phases of the American revolution

The American Revolution (American Revolutionary War), also known as the American war of independence, American Revolution events erupted against British colonialism in various parts of the British colonies, thirteen colonies scattered in North America, and that was during the 19th century XVIII in confined time period between 1775-1783 which leads to the from Britain.

The cities of Lexington and Concord knew the beginning of this war and in Massachusetts on the nineteenth of April in 1775, which continued eight years later, where war has stopped on the 3rd of September of 1783 on the sidelines to sign the Treaty of Paris between both sides of the equation by Britain and America under-recognized United States independence British occupation.

Causes of the American Revolution

Reasons for erupting is the way the English economic policy was, which imposed on the inevitable traffic to send exports and transferred from the colonies to the territory of England. The English vessels enact that law in 1651, and impose the English laws and legislations that recharge colonial exports and returned the European continent in English ports boil.

As they worked to place an import European goods to the English organization sent to the colonies to favoriting English manufactures with raw materials from the United States to Britain to ensure no rival in the industry, these economic policies as a method of collecting To England recover economically after having lived through a severe financial crisis after the seven years’ war with France.

Phases of the American Revolution.

Preliminary phase

This phase was to complain from what British colonialism imposed rules of navigation and molasses Act, Declaration of ownership, plus provocative legislation for the people and the law of Quebec and unfair laws against the American people, and that expected to cause the American Revolution pressure and carried this Stage name (Boston Tea group 1773), where they launched the beginning of the revolution by refusing to pay taxes only to the colonial legislative councils holding up the banner: (no taxation without representation), the English Government proceeded to lift all taxes except those imposed on tea.

In the year 1773, a constellation of national figures disguise with costumes to be like the Redskins people and went into three commercial ships and threw their cargo of 342 containers of tea into Boston Harbor, and named them group “tea”, the English Parliament move toward punishing the entire city close The harbor commercial movement to recover full tea price, and appointed military Governor on the area to prevent meetings.

A rising fever

This phase began in conjunction with the start of England’s loss of control over the American colonies marked population growth, with a population of two million people during the period between 1750-1770, bringing the population of the colony Britain’s population has exceeded by about 20%, the Government lost Colonial control over settlements that led to an autonomous local authority from the Centre to the East of the continent.


Fighting raged between both sides of the war, which broke out in 1775 confrontation between rebels and soldiers in the British colonies of Massachusetts as a result of harsh sanctions, declaring the region as a rebel and would require taking harsher measures to suppress right, the English took the decision to mobilize resources The Empire to strike revolution which has contributed to a climate of war in the colonies.

American State began appearing in bulk, so it took a very ample and growing, becoming great world power after World War II and the biggest problem faced by the new State is to determine the way of ruling the country, citizens’ rights and duties, defining links that associate other States with the country and other countries, which gained independence officially on July 4th in 1776.

In May of 1787 a meeting between delegates of the States to adopt a formal Constitution for the new State, George Washington was chosen to be President of the country and that because he was been a  hero in the revolution, and then became the first President of the United States, but the Declaration of independence is authored by Thomas Jefferson.

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