PC or PlayStation 4 … How to choose the right gaming device?


PC or PlayStation 4Price

We do not disagree that gaming computers are priced a little expensive under the technological revolution in the world of hardware and some may think “why to spend thousands of dollars on a computer, while I can buy a PlayStation or Xbox for 300-400$??”

You can reduce your ambition a bit in proportion to your budget and build a computer at an average cost of less than $ 500 or $ 1000, as the price of pieces is rapidly declining, especially graphics cards.

For example “3GB GeForce GTX 1060” price on Amazon is $ 200 and give you a great experience with 1080p resolution, and it will maintain a rate of 60 frames per second, especially in modern games.

While the 6GB random memory costs only $ 260 which allows you to play 1440p accurately without any problems!

Of course, it is difficult to find suitable prices within the required qualities, but competition between companies and trying to access all computers make it possible to find such specifications at an acceptable price.

It is worth mentioning that the GPU module within the computer is much better than the GPU in PS4, and an example of the competition of companies that Nvidia and amd are among the leading companies in the GPU world.

For example, the “3GB GTX 1060” offers high-performance gaming like the “AMD RX 570”, while the “6GB GeForce” offers performance similar to “AMD’s RX 580.”

Permanence and versatility

If you buy a PlayStation, you can only use it in games and entertainment. All the resources and capabilities of the device are geared to play only. If a new version of the platform is released, game companies will go to make games in line with the new device, while the old one is in a state of oblivion and shunned with his games, which were issued at the top of his fame.

While if you buy a computer with strong specifications, you can use it in various applications such as editing, design, animation, architecture, and 3D designs, and do not forget to use it in programming and making games in addition to regular use, such as browsing and office work.

Also, the game companies when designing any game they are designing a copy of computers, and if you are working on a modern operating system all you have to do is install the new operating system to operate the game smoothly, there is no comparison here, the computer outperforms large stages.


Within this item comparison is close within the price range where the price is determined by the company producing games, so prices are close to the price of all platforms and the difference in price depends on the game and its complexity in terms of design and production and multi-stages and the development of play and other details of the game.

But the point is that the games are pirated and ready to download on torrent sites, and unlike copyright and legal and ethical controls that can prevent pirated games from downloading but are available anyway.

PC or PlayStation 4

But companies first release games to PS4 or Xbox platforms and then release to personal computers after a while, forcing game addicts to buy platforms to play as soon as they are released.Updates

Unlike software, it is possible to access and modify all components of the computer simply, such as changing the processor or adding random memory as much as the motherboard can handle.

You can also change your graphics cards or add cards and keep up with the vast development.

Hard memory can also be added or changed from HDD to SSD, which makes computer performance significantly higher.

If the user is a professional, it is possible to exceed the processor speed under cooling conditions to ensure the integrity of the components (liquid nitrogen cooling).

While all of the above can’t be done with a PlayStation or Xbox!!

All of the above can be considered as theoretical comparisons under ideal and abstract conditions, but the choice between a PC and a console is a matter of user desire and satisfaction with the device.

Some may prefer the atmosphere of excitement among friends when gathering in the evening to play a group game like “FIFA” or “CS: GO.”

Others may prefer to play single behind the computer screen, and holding the mouse and keyboard is a pleasure that does not feel when playing using “Joystick” whether for “PS” or “XBOX.”


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