Origins of the Normandy people and the most important history of them


Origins of the Normandy people and the most important history of them

The Normandy people were one of the peoples that inhabited Europe in the ancient world and were known by many names, including the Normans.


The Normans are a mixture of Scandinavian people, who settled in several places, including Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Some sources say they had Germanic origins and were accustomed to navigation in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. They were not primarily sailors but farmers, and they were known in some sources as Viking, especially after they became involved in piracy.

The Normans origin

– The Norman is the collective name that includes a number of peoples, including these Scandinavian peoples, and they have made many of the adventures known in the ninth century and the twelfth century.

– The Norman people invaded the Danes during the ninth and tenth centuries AD, by the English coast of the North Sea, when the Swedes engaged them in trade, and for the Norwegian people was busy exploring the Arctic Ocean.

– At that time the Normans were specialized in the acts of raiding, looting and plunder, this person was characterized by ships and boats that are free of observation towers, as well as devoid of paddles but were carved from the front snakes of the sea.

– It is also mentioned that these people were characterized by excessive severity and strength, so they were very much wanted to work as mercenaries in the Byzantine Empire, and yet the Normandy people had many cultures, and were accustomed to invade many places for the purpose of occupation, and was Including South America, Italy, and Sicily.

– Normans conquered the present city of Normandy, the name of which has been named until now. It was at the end of the ninth century AD when part of Normandy was given to them by the King of France, all for the purpose of alliance with them.

Normans in Normandy

It was only after the Normans entered Normandy that they became farmers, merged with the local inhabitants of that area, even converted to Christianity. A generation or two of the Normans lived in the middle of the French neighbors and their relations strengthened until the 11th century. The French feudal system is gradually being forced on them.

Normans in England

– Since the Normandy people began to be in contact with England, they tried to destroy the important ports in the British coast and occupation, at a time when the Danes were able to extend their control over several English places, and then the king of England tried to address these attacks by the Danes.

– At that time the English king, Athlard II, married the son of the Duke of Normandy when the Normandy became an ally of the English people. Norman trained the English military so that they could resist the attacks.

– And then events rolled up to one of the famous battles that decided the fate of England, after the coronation of King William, and at that time the invaders could Normans to enter the ruling class as an alternative to Anglo-Saxon.

The Normans then defined themselves as Norman Duchs, and their language was Anglo-Norman. Later, this language was combined with the Anglo-Saxon language to form Central English.


– The Norman was able to penetrate Scotland, and they were able to establish a new series emerged from a large number of kings who ruled Europe for a long time in history, including King David I.


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