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Profit-making methods from the Internet have taken a prominent place in panel discussions on ways to make money in people’s lives, and the options circle has begun to expand to choose the destination. Although many sites are published in this context, such as blogs, YouTube, etc., the profit from Amazon has been more useful, more serious and easier than ever.

There is no doubt that a huge percentage of the Internet pioneers were a customer of the famous Amazon website, but they did not think that they bought merchandise from another dealer earlier on the move to open a store on Amazon and browse its products to reach them easily via Amazon.

It is worth mentioning that it does not require any complications or procrastination to not join the businessmen on the site and open a store on Amazon.

Open a store on Amazon

The process of opening a store on Amazon requires many steps, the most important of which are:

Making a sales plan

Before proceeding with the opening phase of a store on Amazon, you must choose the sales plan to be followed on a monthly basis when deciding to make a profit from Amazon, where the site is placed in the hands of the merchant two levels of sales plans to suit the volume of sales to be sold within one month.

Plans vary according to the types of goods to be sold in the virtual store, and it is recalled that the commonly used professional seller’s plan specializes in allowing the trader to sell 40 products within one month, and the individual vendor’s plan is much lower since you.

It should be noted that the professional plan requires a monthly subscription of USD 39.99 If you wish not to have a sales cap, and the sale according to the individual plan has no subscriptions of only $0.99 for every item sold on the site.


Open a store on Amazon

For the user to start selling on Amazon, the following steps must be taken to launch their store:

  • Access your web browser and visit
  • Press the Start Selling option.
  • Click Create Your Amazon Account.
  • Fill in the required data (seller name, email address, password, password reset), then Next.
  • Enter the brand name of the user, whether it is an individual name or associated with a company, in the Legal Name field.
  • Click OK with the √ sign in the box to the right of the sentence (I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the Amazon Services Business Solution Agreement.
  • Click Next.
  • Fill out the required data (business title in detail, merchant name).
  • Possibility to include the online store link (if any).
  • Select the method of verifying ownership of the phone, whether by call or text message and enter the phone number preceded by the country key code (+962 Jordan for example), specifying the language of the message to be confirmed.
  • Enter the confirmation code and click Verify.
  • Select the sales plan, then fill in the data for the credit card to which the subscription is to be paid ($ 39.99).
  • Enter the bank account number to send money directly from Amazon to every sale made to the seller.
  • Click Next.
  • Need to see the taxes imposed on the seller.
  • Identify products to be sold through Amazon and all related information to consumers.


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