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SEOGive your subjects what to look for

The keyword phrase is the words that you think someone is likely using in a search engine to find your content, what you think your page subject will be according to Google; you can put a lot of energy into keyword phrases alone and improve your site ranking.

Therefore, you must use your keyword phrase somewhere in your content, preferably in the first paragraph or lines of the topic.

The main point to focus on here is to use the words that people most likely use when searching for a topic on your site, and try to tell those who are looking that what they’re going to read will be useful, not just keywords that come with a visitor.

If you’re looking for your website, what keyword term do you type in Google for each page? Are you looking for widgets very quickly? Are you looking for phone features? Try searching Google for this phrase, did you get a lot of results? Was the content you expected to find?

It may be helpful to have a different perspective, by asking someone else to read the topic on your site, and suggest what he thinks may be your keyword phrase, you can also check Google Trends to see if a phrase has started to gain popularity for use in your topic, and try to stick to one main theme per page.

This does not mean that you have to write text in curvy or use strange phrases to keep your subject narrow, your subject can be broad, but do not put together a bunch of random and irrelevant content together.

Readable content is easier to search and read. So, do not be afraid that your subject is long and detailed as long as you start with great ideas first and go into details later, in the press schools they call this method “inverted pyramid.”

Intensify keywords

Keyword density is one of the things that Google searches for when ranking pages on its site, in other words how often you enter the keyword within the context of the content, and a warning point here, use natural wording and do not try to fool search engine by repeating the same term again and again.

Such behavior may cause the site to appear in the lower search results, thus being completely blocked on the search engine.

Give your pages a name

Give a descriptive name to your pages using an attribute, which is vital and important to keep in mind, as Google displays search results as links using the title of the web page.

So, type it as you want to read it, the unnamed URL is not catchy, and no one will click on it if necessary use the same keyword phrase as the title of the page.

Attention to external links

Hyperlink is one of the most important factors that Google is looking for, as it looks at links to and from your site, and at the words you use in links to help determine the content of your website.

So, to emphasize your keywords use links within web pages, and you should say:” Read more about SEO” rather than saying ” Click here to learn more about SEO ”

Links from other sites to your websitecare used to determine page rank, so you can improve your page rank system by exchanging links with other related sites.

So do not forget to link to places other than your website – but only when it’s appropriate – and ad exchanges are not effective, and the pages you’d like to charge for this service are often sent to unwanted ads, which can hurt your ranking on a search engine.


Consider that number of links you have per page is a rule that will hurt your site if you neglect it.

So, the key should again be useful and natural with the rate and number of links you provide. Scripts that link your content to other pages or ads within your site may damage your site in the long term.

Do not forget social networking pioneers

Social sites can be a good method  to promote your site, but it’s not obvious how directly it affects your rankings, as you may find that a large number of visitors comes from social sites.

So, you have to make a “social friend” content, by adding images and giving your content attractive URLs to attract more visitors.

Good design is required

Google tends to rank the well-organized pages at the top of search results, as time goes by, pages tend to become more common, and Google will rank them higher.

Consider good design as a large portion of SEO will rank your site accordingly.


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