Marketing of Community issues… When you get your marketing campaign to the Heart.


marketing campaignIn the business world thriving brands that pay attention to the surrounding community issues, such as health, education, employment, and lately I want to be clear, instead of focusing on the attractiveness of fame, companies embrace the brand by tying buying and consuming with a humanitarian issue, from in what is known as the marketing associated with a case Cause-related marketing – CRM, whose popularity is growing steadily.It is the marketing that connects the company’s marketing campaign to a particular societal issue – a marketing issue – with a view to reaching out to customers more, which is part of the social marketing of corporate and has at least one non-economic goal related to social responsibility and the development and development of society. It is different from charitable or humanitarian grants, as it has a marketing objective, as the company must promote a cause-related marketing campaign and have the ability to measure the consequences of the profits.Marketing associated with a case requires collaboration between two or more teams, one of whom is a profit-making organization/company, and another not for profit, to achieve common goals together. These goals can include fundraising or raising awareness about a charitable issue while creating awareness about the company’s profit brand.The marketing issue Cause marketing here means integrating a community issue within your promotion program. The practice of this concept seems clear by linking companies to their contributions to community issues directly to the returns achieved through the promotion of one of their products, and this process allows you to share the interests of the customer, to encourage him to buy from you.Marketing linked to a case connects the three concepts of social responsibility for marketing by taking into account issues of importance to the community, satisfying consumer needs, and thus making the company able to increase its sales and profits.We find that the first to use this type of marketing was American Express credit cards in 1983, where I donated one cent of each operation using its cards in any commercial transaction to renovate the Statue of Liberty, and as a result, American Express managed three months to collect 1.7 million dollars. For the restoration of the statue, the number of cardholders increased by 45%, the use of the card increased by 28%, and the subscription application for the American Express card increased by 17%.The first to use CRM was American Express for credit cardsProcter & Gamble’s campaign through it pampers special Baby Diaper Company in collaboration with the United Nations Maternal and Child Welfare Organization (UNICEF) in 2006, is one of the most popular marketing campaigns associated with a case, with the company using the slogan: “1 pampers = 1 vaccine,” In its campaign to provide the vaccine against tetanus or the neglected disease, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).As a result, Procter & Gamble has won the Golden Halo Award Business Award from Cause Marketing Forum in 2012, helping to enhance its brand value.


The Ethos water bottled water company, established as an emerging company between Jonathan Greenblatt and Peter Tham, a study fellow graduating from Northwestern University’s College of Business in 1999, was not intended to make money, but to provide relief for those who lack fresh water, where they put their brand. On bottles of clean water, does not include an identification card for flavor, or the vitamins it contains, but bears the simple mission statement “helping children to have access to clean water.”Every bottle sold generates a 5-cent donation, used to help a water-deficient community somewhere in the world, to be one of the most important companies to contribute to World Water Day, as Asthwazet Starbucks in 2005, and one of its founders, Peter Tham, presented the job of Starbucks vice president.Master card International has also linked the use of its card to financial grants for services that fight heart disease and cancer.At the local level, Egypt has recently begun to pay attention to the use of that type of marketing, when fine baby has been producing diapers for years in conjunction with the establishment of the 57357 Hospital for the treatment of pediatric cancer, promoting sustainable performance, to have a greater and more positive impact on society. By placing a sticker on the packaging of the product: “Thank you for your contribution to baby Fine’s children in the construction of the new Children’s cancer hospital,” and inside the package you put a card each buyer must fill and send to the mailbox, and then the company will donate one pound for each. A card that is populated and sent.

marketing campaign

It was followed by several marketing campaigns related to a case, including the recent Mobinil campaign “started” for manpower operations, the Vodafone “Science Force” literacy campaign, The Coca-Cola campaign “second-hand” to develop 100 poor villages.Now you have to learn as a novice entrepreneur that the marketing associated with a case must be a profitable process for both the startup and the cause. The company must enter the campaign with a clear idea of what it hopes to achieve on the marketing side and what it hopes to achieve the issue. They must, therefore, determine their success measures and apply them throughout the campaign and adapt the campaign to the results.The goal is to increase sales to new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers to your product, through something that touches their hearts, by addressing more important and larger societal issues. Your company can use cause-related marketing to strengthen its relationships with its customers by collaborating with a charity supported by your customers, and I know that the degree of your integration of the issue into your marketing program will affect the amount of interest that is associated with a case that shows the compassionate aspect of your company, so you have to manage the following ideas:-

  • Limit topics that you are keen to follow, and determine how your customers can benefit from them.
  • Choose a public interest issue in your marketing goals.
  • Pair the case with all your promotion elements.
  • Devise a way to communicate with customers who may sympathize with this issue.
  • Post your reasons for your interest in this issue.
  • Make sure that your case does not interfere with the interests of other customers


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