Learning Visual Basic


Learning Visual BasicInstall Visual Basic

The user should download the Visual Basic program so that he can learn about it and use it, and this can be done through the Visual Studio downloads page, which can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The page can be accessed through the following link: Click here.

Learn the basics of Visual Basic

Visual Basic can be used to identify the windows that appear on the screen when the program starts:

  • Main Window: This window displays the current form and consists of the following:
    • Title Bar: This bar contains the project name, the current operating mode of the program, and the current model.
    • Menu bar: This bar contains drop-down menus that allow the user to control the operation of the Visual Basic program environment.
    • Toolbar: The toolbar contains shortcut buttons for some menu bar options.
  • Form Window: It is used to develop and design Visual Basic applications.
  • Toolbox: A list to insert the controls used in the user’s application.
  • Form Layout Window: This window shows where the user’s form is displayed when the program is executed for the private monitor screen.
  • Project Window: This window displays a list of all the forms and modules needed by the user, such as the Form window and the Code window.

Operations in Visual Basic

There are some special operations in the visual basic programming language, including the following:

  • Building user interfaces: The user interface is the screen through which the user interacts with the computer, allowing him to see the details of the commands provided by the system, and how to respond to them, where programmers use the models and controls in Visual Basic, in addition to processing properties, writing events code, and implementing call methods.
  • Data organization: The user can create data structures in multiple ways, and data storage methods can be learned in structures called arrays, knowing variables, naming methods, and values.
  • Program Run: Visual Basic is learned to be used in creating a specific function and sub procedures to run the program, use the code, learn to create and validate specific commands, and solve errors in operation by using tools that correct Errors.
  • File view: (Process.Start) is one of the methods used to display a particular file in the Notepad program. For example, if the user wants to view a file called ReadMe in the Notepad program, the display string will be as follows: (Process.Start (“README.TXT”), or (Process.Start (“notepad”, “ReadMe.txt”).
  • Hidden Operations: Process can be started in the background through (Process.Start) as follows: (ProcessProperties.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden).

Learning Visual Basic


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