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Chat language

Learn the chat languageAs a result of the use of modern technology devices connected to the Internet, it is a language with special terminology, in which Arabic is mixed with foreign languages, or Arabic is written in Latin script.

Conversation or chat programs are the most important reasons for this phenomenon or language, since some of these programs are available in English only, prompting young people who are not fluent in English by writing it in a language, i.e. writing Arabic in Latin letters, by using the numbers To denote some Arabic characters that do not have synonyms in Latin characters, to facilitate the conversational language via chat, and shorten the time and effort in the chat.

Learn the chat language The language of the chat: is a combination of numbers to denote some of the letters in Arabic:

 Number 2, used to denote the Hamza, such as the word colors (2alwan), or the word Alaa (2LA2).

 Number 3, to denote the character of the Eye (p), such as the word Omar (3omar), or to denote the letter of the Guillain (g) by writing number 3 in this form (3), such as Ghassan (3 ‘ Asan).

Number 4, to denote the letter W (W), such as the word Three (4LA4AH).

Number 5, to denote the letter x (x), such as the word Khalid (5aled).

 Number 6, to denote the letter I (i), such as the word Taha (6aha), or to denote the z letter (h), by writing number 6 in this form (6 ‘), such as the word Zahir (6 ‘ aher).

 Number 7, to denote the letter H (h), such as the word Hasan (7asan), or to denote the letter x, by writing number 7 in this form (7 ‘), such as the word lettuce (7 ‘ as).

Number 8, to denote the letter Q (s), such as the word Meqdad (Me8dad).

Number 9, to denote the letter Y (y), such as the word Chroma (9FA2

: Chat Language Shortcuts

In the chat language there are many shortcuts to some words, which will facilitate printing: Lol, to express loud laughter (laugh out loudly).                               

 Tc, a shortcut to the word take care, take care of yourself.

 BRB, a shortcut to the word (be right back), i.e. I will return immediately.

 W8, abbreviation for the word (wait), meaning wait

Although the creation of chat language has made chatting and communicating through the means of multimedia, it becomes more rapid, easy and softer, but the increase in its use has affected the culture of Arab youth in particular, and the loss and loss of characters from the Arabic language, and the language of chat has replaced the Arabic language.

Written by: Sarah ahmed elagouz


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