Learn how to play Player unknown’s Battle Grounds on your computer easily!


play Player unknown's Battle GroundsFirst Method

Install the version of the computer, which you can buy from “steam,” which is expensive and requires high specifications of the computer to run; because of the size of the game data and accuracy of its details, making this method is not useful to some.

Second Method

By installing the Android emulator on Windows, there are several simulators including Bluestracks, Nox Player, Koplayer, genymotion, and other emulators.

How to operate

  • First, you need to install any emulators on your PC bluestacks as an example.
  • Then add your Gmail account to the emulator, then search for the game in the Google store, and install PUBG mobile.

But this is not the best way. Although it’s free, it may need a fairly powerful computer specification, as it needs a core i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 1GB graphic card, and 320GB hard drive to run the game well and smoothly.

Third Method

Using the Tencent Games PUBG mobile emulator, with this simulator, you can connect the game to your Facebook account to complete your way in the PUBG game at the same level that you stopped in case you played on your mobile phone.

play Player unknown's Battle Grounds

How to operate

  • First, enter the Tencent site.
  • You will see a “Download” button.
  • After clicking on it, you have to wait for some time until the installation is finished.
  • Then you will see the “Play” button when you click it will show you the following window, which in turn contains the interface PUBG mobile in the emulator, through which you can connect your Facebook account to complete your tasks and start playing.

This method is the best by all standards, as it is free and needs computer specifications much less than the previous two methods.

It also requires less time for installation, and the Tencent Simulator also provides ease of control and movements, as you use the mouse to select the sides, shoots and, zoom, and also use the “w-s-d-a” buttons to move and “f” to pick up and unlock the doors and other buttons you will recognize as soon as you enter the game.

And with these methods certainly, you will not miss the fun of this beautiful game experience, share your friends in battles and play team spirit.



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