Learn how to design an Arduino SIM using your mobile phone only!


design an Arduino SIMRequirements

In the beginning, you need the Arduino electronic SIM, and there are different types of SIMs.

You can choose the right SIM for your e-business, and a mobile phone powered by Android, supporting OTG cable operation, and ArduinoDroid and OTG installed on it.

Most of the services available in the original development environment are already available in the mobile application. You can open and edit existing codes, in addition to the different color display for easy tracking of the source code, and certainly the advantage of translating the code and submit it to the segment of the Arduino to implement the electronic project.

If you do not want to see ads and feel a little bit of luxury by enjoying many other services such as synchronizing our work and our projects with our dropbox and other services, the paid version of the program will be very convenient and you will have a unique experience, this package of services is unique and makes your work much easier.

Let’s start downloading the ArduinoDroid app, look for the app in the Play Store, and install it on your mobile phone.

The main interface

The application interface is slightly clear and arranged in an organized and comfortable way for the viewer.

The user will have a nice experience of simplicity of design, with a set of clear icons of the right size, containing many options such as: The option to save the project if we want to complete it later, translation option, make sure that the source code is correct and conform to the rules, and the icon for upgrading the project to the Arduino SIM, in addition to the control console screen and watch the output.

Most of the remaining space is dedicated to editing source codes; also, there is a custom search tab next to the editor if we want to search for something in the code we are working on.

Below are the output screen and the location of error messages, if any.

First Step

In the beginning, you open the application, and you can write the code for your project in the appropriate editing location to write codes.

This in-app editor is similar to the code editor that you use on your computer, and it’s great to use some examples already in the app, and you can get examples from the points in the right-hand corner of the top.

Second Step

We then click on the Sketch option from the side menu and then choose the Examples option to select the appropriate example for us.

design an Arduino SIM

Third Step

We connect our Arduino SIM using the USB cable of the SIM with the OTG cable connected to our mobile device and then choose the Arduino type, then the setting option, then the SIM type.

In the Arduino development environment, we usually click the upload option to upload the code to the SIM.

Therefore, our code is automatically translated using the “Compiler” software and then uploaded to the slide, but here we have to click the option to translate the code to make sure it is a valid and effective code, and you can see the result of the code translation.

Fourth Step

When the translation process is finished, the code to run is intact, there are no errors in the code, and we are sure that our work is correct. You must click on the upload option to upload the code to the SIM.

It does not automatically translate and upload it into the SIM, but we have to do both steps separately.

After completing the project, we will be notified at the bottom of the screen that our process has been successful, and the code for your project has been uploaded into the Arduino SIM card simply and for free, and you are ready to connect the circuit and run the project.

Remember that you do not need any external power supply for the Arduino SIM. It will consume the necessary electrical power from your mobile phone when you connect the SIM to your phone using an OTG cable.

This is a convenient, practical and free solution, of course, to apply our ideas quickly and flexibly without the need to carry our computer wherever we move. The smartphone can complete the task successfully, and there is no obstacle to you. If you have thoughts and you are sitting or out of the house, or anywhere else you are ready to hunt ideas immediately.



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