Learn about the most common mistakes you might encounter while browsing the web and how to fix it


browsing the webError 401

  • This error occurs when someone tries to access an unauthorized page, which means that confidential data must be entered and must be typed correctly.
  • For example, when you type a user name or password for a page incorrectly, you see this error.
  • You can usually fix this error by reviewing the URL of the page that caused the error. The clicked link could be for an authorized user only, or with user IDs and a valid password.

Error 403

  • Error 403 indicates that you made a valid access request, but the server will not complete it because you are not allowed to access it, which is the reverse of the 401 error that tells you that you did not sign in, and therefore can’t authenticate you.
  • But error 403 states that it knows who you are, but it will not allow you to access the page, usually because you did something wrong while logged in, and the problem may need to be logged on by the page administrator.

Error 404

  • Error 404 is one of the most common errors when surfing the Internet, which is known as errors related to the standards of the HTTP protocol, and this error that the user can actually connect to the Internet server, but the file or link requested is not on the server, or that the server has been set to not complete the request without giving reasons.
  • If you see the 404 error verify that the link is correct, make sure you did not enter the wrong address, then try searching on Google to find the appropriate page.

Error 408

  • This error occurs when the server times out, because the request takes a long time, sometimes causing heavy load on the server, and this error may occur when the user closes the browser or presses the cancellation button.
  • For example, if you are asked to provide the page with certain information such as email or user name, the site gives you a specific time to write the required one. If the time expires before completing the request, you will see the error.

Error 500

  • This error has many names; sometimes the message appears in different formats such as 500 Internal Server Error, Error 500, That’s an error 500, HTTP Error 500, or Temporary Error 500.
  • All these names mean one thing, the same error 500, which is why there is something wrong with the site you want to browse, which means that the problem is not on your computer, browser or Internet connection.

browsing the web

Error 502

  • It is known as Bad Gateway ERROR 502, which is like the previous error, where the problem is not related to the user, but the site to be visited.
  • This problem results because the server that is acting as a gateway to access this site received an invalid response, or received no response at all, resulting in a communication problem between the user’s machine and the site server, which results in this problem.

Error 503

  • This error indicates that the server you are trying to access is not currently available. As the computer connects to the web server, it processes many tasks or is under temporary maintenance. Therefore, the web server can’t process your request and respond with this error.
  • This problem is often temporary, and this error disappears after some time, and you can try to fix it by retrying the page, or closing the browser and opening it again.

Error 504

  • This error means that the server on which the site depends does not communicate quickly, and when this happens, you will not be able to access the site until administrators resolve this problem.
  • You can try refreshing the page several times, but you’ll have to wait until it’s fixed.

Of course, these are not all the mistakes, but in this article, we tried to offer you the most famous, something you might encounter one day while browsing the Internet, so you can know and understand its causes and perhaps try to fix them too.



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