King Edward abdicated


King Edward abdicated

King Edward VIII of Britain. This happened in the 1930s when he loved an American divorced woman named Wallace Simpson. He did not know or forget that his love for her was an explicit violation of the British Royal Constitution and the protocol of marriage of the owners of the throne, which does not allow the single monarch in conjunction with divorced.

King Edward, who insisted on not giving up the woman he loved, stubbornly led him to give up the throne in order to complete his marriage. King Edward VIII abdicated for his brother to marry the divorced woman he lived with. For 35 consecutive years, for which Edward offered sacrifices that a man might not have made after he abdicated the throne of the greatest superpower on earth to survive with a woman, her only flaw to the royal constitution that she was divorced.

The marriage of Edouard Boules made him lose the title of King and receive the honorary title of the Duke, where he did not sit on the throne only a few months until he gave up the whole and preferred his emotional life to the royal bliss.

Simpson succeeded in her emotional relationship after two failed experiments and stayed with her husband Edward until his death.

This story has many meanings, perhaps the most important insistence, sacrifice and hope, the woman divorced twice did not despair of her failure and believed her luck and loved a man made happy until he died after the removal of the crown of the throne for marriage.

King Edward VIII was the eldest son of Britain’s King George V and Queen Mary. In 1930, while still Prince of Wales, Edward met an American woman named Wallis and Warfield Simpson. Her first marriage ended with divorce, and when she met the prince was married to her second husband, Ernest Simpson. Prince and Simpson were deeply attached.

George V died in January 1936, and Edward VIII succeeded in reaching the rule of Britain asking. Ms. Simpson divorced her husband later that year, and the king was determined to marry her, but he could not convince the royal family or government officials to accept a divorced woman to be a queen.

On December 11, Edward VIII officially relinquished the throne, and the news was broadcast that evening, explaining his decision to the public. “I found it impossible to bear the heavy burden of responsibility and perform the duties of the king without the help and support of the woman I loved,” he said. After the concession, Edward was awarded the title of Duke Windsor.

Wallis was subsequently married on 3 June 1937. But it was never accepted by the royal family, for the rest of their lives the couple lived abroad, and most of their time spent in France. In 1940, during World War II, the Duke became the ruler of the Bahamas. In 1945 he and his wife returned to France, wrote his autobiography, entitled The King’s Story, published in 1951, and wrote his wife Duke Windsor’s autobiography was published in 1956.

Duke Windsor died in Paris on May 28, 1972. His wife Simpson remained in Paris until her death on April 24, 1986. both were buried in the royal cemetery at Windsor Palace in England.

In December 1936 King Edward VIII stunned the world by abandoning his kingdom to marry a woman of the American people, who is divorced twice. The King and Mrs. Simpson, according to the book, were brought together by an extraordinary love story that made their story one of the myths. ”

“The Woman,” published in 2013, revealed some aspects of Wallis Simpson’s life and stated that “Simpson is one of the most charming characters of the 20th century. Since her death, Simpson has become a symbol of women’s empowerment, as well as a symbol of success after failed experiences, and her interpretation of her personality remained as a mystery. According to the newly discovered letters, it turned out that the woman was as attractive as she was but she had complicated personality.

This American woman, who struck the most famous example of the 20th-century women’s success model, lit up her experience with the optimism that was familiar to many divorced American women. Many American divorcees found glory, fame and wealth after their divorce. A large proportion of the billionaires’ Divorced or widowed, according to Forbes’ study of the world’s richest women.

According to other studies such as those published by «Daily Finance» «found that divorced women make more money than any other woman thanks to their desire to succeed and overcome emotional and marital failure».




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