Kennedy Assassination Files


Kennedy Assassination Files

  • An old wooden box found in a basement, where documents and photographs were eroded over time. So are the files of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, which reveal the facts, some of which are still unclear today.
  • The documents released by the US National Archives on Thursday evening after President Donald Trump signed a memorandum allowing the publication of files related to the murder of the 35th President of the United States, contains a treasure of information about what happened during that period, but does not provide a complete picture of what happened, Intelligence agencies have asked to keep some files secret because of the implications for national security and US foreign relations.
  • The documents were 54 years old, some of the documents were written in illegible handwriting, others appeared random and unrelated to the main event, some preceded the assassination and others came several years later.

The Assassination

  • President “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, at 12:30 pm local time.
  • “Kennedy” was in a procession walking slowly downtown, riding an overturned presidential car with his wife “Jackie” and Texas Gov. “John Canale” and his wife, “Nelly”. In the “Dili Plaza” district, he was shot dead.
  • The Presidential Commission, led by Chief Justice “Earl Warren” at that time, to investigate the “Kennedy” assassination, concluded that the shooter was “Lee Harvey Oswald”, and said he acted alone.
  • But some details about the crime were questionable to many Americans, prompting some to believe scenarios that remain to this day within the theory of conspiracy.
  • No doubt that forming a complete picture of the assassination and the motives of the murderer “Oswald” and his murder by a police officer in Dallas two days after the president’s death will take a long time and a thorough analysis of the events, but we will set some interesting details here in the newly published documents.
    • A Canadian citizen told the FBI on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination that he heard three men speaking three weeks before the assassination of the US president. “Kennedy will not leave Dallas alive if he visits,” the Canadian citizen said, expressing confidence that one of the men, who were on their way to Cuba, was “Lee Harvey Oswald”. But the Canadians friend told the FBI that his friend had a great imagination. Office agents have suggested that the man’s novel is pure fiction.
  • CIA and FBI documents indicate that “Lee Harvey Oswald” has links to the former Soviet Union.
  • FBI Director “Edgar Hoover,” said in a letter following Kennedy’s assassination that the FBI had evidence of Oswald’s involvement in the crime and his association with Cuba and the Soviet Union.
  • A Cuban intelligence officer in 1967 acknowledged his personal knowledge of “Oswald”, according to an FBI document.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency intercepted a telephone conversation between “Oswald” when he was in Mexico and a member of Russian intelligence at the Moscow Embassy in Mexico City. “Oswald” spoke to the officer in a weak Russian language.
  • The FBI received a warning about a plan to kill the executor of the assassination, “Oswald” before he was killed a day by the officer “Jack Robbie”.
  • Mexico has been a cooperating partner with the United States on several axes, from helping to spying on communications at the Russian and Cuban embassies in Mexico, to try to trace “Oswald” in the country. CIA sources reported that “Oswald” had deposited $ 5,000 in a Mexican bank. Mexican authorities followed all deposits in the country’s banks and found no evidence of the murderer’s deposit there.
  • The document defines “Ayel Mexicano”, that he was “Francesco Rodríguez Tamayo”, a militia leader who opposed Castro’s regime in Cuba until he fled to the United States in 1959. Another document defines this person as the leader of an anti-Castro training camp.

Conspiracy Theory

  • Although the authorities’ investigations into the assassination of President “Kennedy” proved that “Oswald” acted alone, many Americans believed that another party was involved in the crime. About 60% believe that another person was involved in the assassination.
  • Americans remain divided to this day, some accuse the federal government and intelligence agencies of involvement, while others blame Cuba and its president “Fidel Castro” for planning the operation.




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