Journey in the history of the Golden Generation favorite game, Counter-Strike!


Golden Generation favorite gameWhen was the first release of Counter-Strike?

The game was launched in 1999 as a development of the “HALF-LIFE” game, but this was before appointing the developers “Minh Le” and “Jess Cliffe” in the team to be released later in 2000 on the Microsoft platform, as well as later on other platforms: Xbox, and also on the Linux operating system, which was known as counter-strike 1.6.

Game Path and Play Styles

For game graphics, there were eight characters to choose from, while in CS: Condition Zero release two characters were added to be ten characters.

Before the start of the fighting, there is “freeze time” so that the players can prepare and buy their weapons and equipment. After the beginning of the fight, the player can return to the buying area, but this time after the start is relatively short.

In some maps, there is a neutral buying zone where both teams can buy, and after the round ends, the remaining players keep their weapons only.

The points are calculated based on the killing of the opponent, the release of a hostage, the discovery of the hostages’ place, the dismantling of a bomb, the planting of a bomb, and of course there are points for mistakes such as killing hostages or friendly fire.

While the dead players are turned into an external observer who can’t do anything until the game is over, they can cheat and help their teammates locating the opponent’s team, as in Internet cafes and gaming halls. This is called ghosting.

The patterns of play can be divided into the following categories:

  • The pattern of dismantling the bomb
    • Here the terrorist team must take the bomb and plant it in the required location and protect it from the counter team so that it will not be dismantled, and the terrorist team wins if the counter team can’t dismantle the bomb.
  • Saving the hostages
    • The terrorist team captures the hostages in a room and prevents the counter team from saving The terrorist team wins if the other team can’t rescue the hostages within the specified time.
  • Protection mode
    • Where a member of the counter team is selected as a VIP and the rest of the team must protect him and move to a specific place, and the terrorist team wins if the VIP is killed or the time is over without the completion of the task.

Golden Generation favorite game

Why is this game unique?

Although, many of the first person shooter games are released such as “call of duty” or “battlefield,” but “CS” has its luster because the old players consider it the basis for the game-related skills of shooting games.

Whatever new games have emerged from the perspective of the first or third person such as “PUBG” or “Fortnite” remains a place for “Counter-Strike”, and this allegiance is seen by the old players who can distinguish the difference of some scenes in the game maps of different versions of the game, or even distinguish the difference of night and day from previous versions.

When talking about this game we must mention the game version “CS: Global Offensive”, which was the masterpiece of all versions, and was released in 2013, which is 13 years after the issuance of the first version of the game and set up a world championship, where the final competitions saw the best and strongest international teams to win the prize of $ 250 thousand!

What’s new?

It is worth noting some of the fun things that were modified in the “GO” version, the chicken in the map of Italy was programmed so that it moves only in some locations escaping in case of shooting, but in the new version gave full freedom to move around the place!

Also in “GO,” you can steal the “ATM,” where you have to shoot the cashier until the money out of him, and it’s all yours.

But it is surprising that maps in counterstrike are not all inspired by the imagination of designers, some based on real places such as Italy, San Francisco, Mexico, Greece.


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