Internet and Us


Internet and UsIt wasn’t far if we wanted to mock someone who has superficial discussion and doesn’t have knowledge of conversation steering except bold titles. We say to him, your culture is newspaper. He takes the apparent opinion in topic and doesn’t conceal inner thoughts anything. He repeats hollow mottos which he borrowed from magazine covers and newspaper openings.

These days, matters became more than on what we were. Information is obtained from the worthy mentioning net.  The web net pioneers entered with magic touch many forums, website, and electronic pages.   They find huge amount of written information, visual documents, images, and diagrams.

Existence of many choices,  net browser stand most surprisingly in front of the abundance of information . its existence on long pages as long winter night. It’s hard to know all its contents. He may proceed freely with other pages of similar topics. He roams sand time passes.   The latter doesn’t take from his search except for loose titles and patchy topics. They are used with its vice and abhorrent habit; copy and paste without leaving an impact on his mind. On dropping the cultured- net culture status on reality, you find his mind is emptier than Moses’ mother ‘s heart. He comes back from complicated shuttle journeys of net world empty handed . his culture is culture of net.

Written by Mangy care

Doha Ragheb.


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