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channels for businessMasters of Scale

  • By Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, where Hoffman talks about how companies grow by hosting CEOs and executives at major technology companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Airbnb, Minted and many more.
  • In this podcast you will get exciting stories about the development of technology companies and the ways that have led to their current success with many secrets that are narrated by entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and the podcast has a unique feature, which is to maintain the 50/50 gender balance of the additions until you hear from a group Variety of views.
  • This is one of the best podcast programs in this area because you hear the stories and experiences of some of the most famous guests in the field of technology thanks to the connections and contacts of the host Reed Hoffman in this field.

Planet Money

  • NPR’s Mega media company produces this podcast Although the program, which is between 6 – 30 minutes long, relates only to specific tips on how to manage a small business, the way it is presented is its strength by blending economic realities with little entertainment during the talks between Host and guests.
  • For example, one episode, “Hard Work unimportant,” broke the ideas of many people about how to develop a business model by not relying on employees by 100 percent.
  • The link used Netflix as an example of a company that did not inject much of its efforts in bringing in employees instead, Netflix focused on the production of visual content, which the company executives said was a pivotal strategy for the success of the site, which we are now seeing.


  • This podcast is a good choice for anyone looking to learn from the stories of other entrepreneurs and has another side name which is “Get ready for everything Ready for Anything” “host presenter is Linda Lacina editor of Entrepreneur Magazine and hosts in this program a myriad of topics that Addressed by a variety of people.
  • Among the episodes of the program, which was widely echoed by its listeners, a seminar on the intelligence of the business executives, where guest Judith Glasser shows how many corporate executives fail to communicate effectively with their employees, and Judith informs listeners about their experiences of training high-level executives who Their lack of listening skills was stifling the innovation and progress of these companies.
  • You can expect similar episodes of the podcast “Ready for Anything” with lots of success stories and useful tips.

Side Hustle School

  • This podcast follows the stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners and this program differs and has a different angle than the rest of the podcast in this list because those who talk here are the people who started their steps in the business world as part-time projects.
  • This podcast is especially useful for potential small business owners who can’t afford everything and start a business, so if you have financial obligations that you can’t keep, this podcast will show you how people win money without risking everything.
  • This podcast is one of the best programs that can be listened to by the owner of each pilot project or who wants to launch his emerging project, mainly because of his special focus on a subset of budding businesspeople or those who are still testing the success of their entrepreneurial ventures.

Business Insanity Talk Radio

  • Since 2008, the host Barry Multz Barry Moltz has been talking about the “small business craze” and the rise and fall of small businesses and their journey from the bottom of the summit in an interesting narrative style through interviews with founders, authors, key marketing officials, speakers, and many other important people.
  • Small business owners can learn a lot of practical advice from Barry Multz and his guests.

channels for business

One on one interviews by Small Business Trends

  • Have you ever wondered how to receive some insights and advice from the biggest executives of giant companies such as Instagram and Amazon and some high-level entrepreneurial personalities?
  • If the answer is no, the podcast “One on One” is for you so you can listen to some great guests with big names who share their business experience.
  • Weekly series of workshops to host key voices in large and small businesses by Brent Larry Brent Leary, an expert analyst in customer relationship management, consultant, author, speaker, and multi-award-winning blogger.
  • The host does not only talk to large companies, but small business owners have ample share in their program to share their stories and reasons for their success in addition to a variety of business trends such as automation and improvement of customer services.

Mom Biz Solutions with Lara Galloway

  • Presented by Lara Galawi Lara Galloway, who educates female entrepreneurs through the weekly podcast episodes and having confined herself to the beginnings of a program as a trainer for women entrepreneurs only recently, she has tended to cover topics of interest to any entrepreneur regardless of gender.
  • The length of its weekly program “15” minutes only addresses how to launch a business along with tips for moms, small business marketing strategies, and some short stories of successful projects and the reasons for their success.

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

  • A podcast dedicated to budding business owners in the field of restaurants where the host Eric Kastor Eric Cacciatore discusses a variety of topics related to business owners in the catering industry.
  • The guest list includes renowned chefs and marketers in restaurants and restaurant operators and mixes the host with practical tips with motivational stories and reasons for the success of some of the most famous restaurants and tips on how to drive, manage and market a successful restaurant.

This is your Life

  • This podcast has more than “14” million downloads provided by Michael Hyatt, and in podcast episodes, the presenter deals with multiple tips for living your life with passion and working with a greater focus on your projects and life in general.
  • The podcast in its episodes deals with several different categories of areas such as “personal development”, “productivity”, “leadership” and “impact”, and the podcast varies between practical advice as in the episode titled “What to Do with hard customers”, and motivational tips guiding as in a loop titled “What If Were the barriers in your head only? “
  • Unfortunately, since the end of the year 2017, no new episodes have been published, but you can still access the previous episodes available for listening and downloading at the same time.

Simple Thing

  • As we read in the podcast title, the topics covered by the program loops are what makes it great for small business owners through short episodes that take “about 15 ″ minutes to cover like how to make your life better or manage your business better in a simplified and straightforward way.
  • The latest episodes of the program which have found great popularity are about how to prepare yourself for retirement; the program covers a lot of other topics such as personal development, productivity, business, money, and health. /


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