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Information Security ResearchInformation Security

Information security is information control, regarding who will receive this data, determine access powers, and use a range of techniques to ensure that they are not compromised by any party.

The importance of maintaining privacy is important to maintain important data such as customer accounts in banks.

Internet risks to information security

The Internet has a wide range of vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access to such data, including programming errors by programmers during network building, or design of different applications, such as errors in how the application handles erroneous input or bad memory distribution.

There are also many programmers who design custom programs to penetrate systems and look for their weaknesses.

Information Security Research

Ways to maintain information security

A variety of protection methods are used to maintain information security, including:

  • Physical Protection Methods: There are many simple ways to keep information secure, including keeping your computer in a safe place, setting a password to prevent hackers from tampering, and having passwords contain characters, numbers, and symbols and change it periodically to be difficult to predict.
  • Using a firewall: It is a device, or application, placed at the server, and at the network filters, each according to its needs.
  • Encryption: Many data encryption protocols prevent anyone from accessing them. The complexity of this encryption varies. Some systems can be solved using cryptographic rules, so a complicated method must be adopted, which make it difficult as possible to return the text to its language before encryption, and of course, the decryption key is owned by the receiver of this data.
  • Packet Sniffers: Many applications can detect the movement of outgoing and incoming data to the network, and it is possible to arrive at the breakthroughs that have occurred to this network and to know its location by analyzing the data.

The greater the importance and confidentiality of the data, the greater means used to protect it, from material and software, for example, servers are placed in a protected place in various physical ways, including guards.



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