Written by: Samia Arif


Needing others is the most important characteristic of human society, as no one can live alone or far from others. 

Efforts are poured forth permanent search for ways to facilitate communication among people. finding canals of communication among groups or individuals that guarantee quickness and selecting specific contact. So, passenger pigeon appeared using in previous communities to deliver written messages among people and countries. Sending letters was for horsemen who sent royal letters in earlier ages. but it was slow and unreliable.


In this age we live, it is becoming easier and quicker than before. Thanks to modern 

communication system either wired or wireless.

In the 20th and 21st century, wired communication ways spread through fixed telephone networks. They have provided and still fixed connection services in companies, houses, public and private associations. It connects cities in one country through STD service: tries through isd service.Bose FR Homepage

When science evolved, wireless communication appeared .they used cellular network technology to provide communication through cell phones. they are fast dialing, easy moving, flexible system, and wide place coverage. Moreover, feature service is available by the cellular network providers.

Importance of communication:

It can be summarized in the following points:

· It provides a communicating environment. It achieves a basic aim; people and groups can communicate among themselves. It saves more time and effort.Skyscanner

· It enforces social relations; relatives and friends can communicate easily because they can make phone calls easily or video calls with far people from them as they are in other countries in the world.

· It Provides international information service .also, it provides the world wide web. You can get the information you want with the least cost and time. The Internet is a scientific mutation. It made the world a small village. It facilitates communicating among people and obtaining information.

· Reading news that happens around the world through electronic communicating means like websites or space communication network satellite via tv channels and satellites.

· Watching the news that comes from the world to you directly through the communication world.Skyscanner’s daily flight deals up to 55% off

· e-learning or remote learning is one of the communication progeny. you can enter to e-learning websites and applications.

· Sending ordinary e-mails or business e-mail. It has apparent importance which connects to incidents of everyday life.

· It is known as exchange information, ideas, feelings between people by conversation, writing or body language. It creates mutual imagination between individuals. It changes conducts. It makes obtaining information and different knowledge easy. It includes sending content, receiving it and understanding it in the way it is meant.Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner

· Helps to spread knowledge and information between people in all parts of the world. Authors can transfere knowledge through their books. Associations can communicate via exchange ideas with customers, students with their teachers…etc.Check out Skyscanner’s Deals Updated Weekly!

· Facilitates knowing the local and international news at the same moment of occurrence. Social media have achieved transferring information transparently and fast.

· Spreads knowledge through simple learning aid. anyone can have internet and learn in all fields easily and free.Extremely Cheap Last Minute Flights up to 51% Off on ETripmakers



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