How to verify your Facebook account


verify your Facebook accountThe Facebook user can confirm his / her personal account by applying for a certificate to the Facebook Administration, and we will see below how to apply:

  • Make sure that the Facebook account to be documented fulfills certain conditions that must be present in the accounts that apply for a document. These conditions are as follows:
    • The account contains a profile image of the user.
    • The account contains a cover image.
    • The name of the advanced account for the authentication request is not in violation of the terms of the accounts in Facebook.
    • The account contains some publications on Facebook.
  • Activate the follow-up option in the account.
  • Go to the confirmation and documentation application progress email which can be accessed at
  • Fill in the Account Confirmation form shown on the screen.
  • Attach an official document to identify the user’s identity, provided that this document is issued by a government agency.

What is your Facebook account verification?

It is to confirm someone’s account on Facebook by setting a blue check mark next to the account that is confirmed as this is a testimonial from Facebook that this account is genuine and authentic and belongs to a known celebrity or a big brand.

We have to mention that the process of confirmation and documentation is not confined to personal accounts in Facebook, where a specific page can be documented on Facebook and by placing a blue marker or gray mark on the page that is confirmed.

verify your Facebook account

How to change your Facebook password

You can change your Facebook password by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Facebook.
  • Click on the triangle icon with a downward header.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu that appears.
  • Click on the “Security and Login” option on the left side of the Facebook screen.
  • Click “Edit” button next to “Change Password” and change the password.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button.


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