How to use VPN in computers


VPNSteps to use the VPN on your computer

  • Turn on your computer and connect to the Internet
    • If you are at home, the computer will connect to the Internet automatically.
    • If you are in another place, such as the office or coffee shop, you must set up the connection manually.
    • Because you are not using a VPN yet, be careful of Wi-Fi connections in a public place, and it’s best to close important
  • Choose between a free and paid VPN application
    • The VPN service is available with free and paid copies and all its features.
    • You may not need to use a large-scale VPN if you use it to access Netflix or BBC iplayer from different countries or to ensure the security of your social media access data, which you can get through free VPN.
    • If you want to have a comprehensive encryption feature to hide all your activities from government clients and prevent them from being tracked by advertising companies, you will need paid VPN.
  • Download the appropriate VPN
    • Go to the site that contains the VPN and click the Download button and then follow the instructions to get the version compatible with the operating system on your computer.
    • If you want to get this service to take advantage of it in your field, contact your company for a VPN application, where you will need to install the app on your computer to access the company’s servers which will determine if the device is compatible with the application and if not it will help you to install it and adjust your VPN access settings.
  • Install the VPN application
    • Once the VPN application loads on the computer, open the download file, follow the installation instructions, and open the app.
    • Some VPN applications such as Cyber Ghost can be used directly without creating an account, while others require a login using the email address.
    • In the MAC operating system, open the (dmg) file, you will be prompted to drag the app to your apps folder, and if your computer is protected with a password, you will need to enter it from the beginning.
    • In Windows, open the (.exe) file, follow the installation instructions and, once done, run the application from the Start menu.
  • Read the terms of use
    • If you use a VPN for personal purposes, be sure to read the Terms of Use; some applications, especially free ones, may have third-party applications or allow specific data.
    • So be sure to know what services are provided by the VPN application, what is required and what information they will collect about you.
  • Open the VPN application
    • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, go to the Applications folder and search for the application to run it.
    • In Windows, click the application icon on your desktop or click the Start menu and choose the application from it.
    • In the MAC operating system, you can find the application in the Applications folder.
  • Follow the instructions
    • If you use the app for the first time, most VPN applications will allow you to follow the instructions to start the application.
    • Some services such as “CyberGost” do not ask you for anything; just press the yellow button in the middle of the application, while others may ask like “TunnelBear” to set up an account.
    • Most applications give you the option to connect automatically when your computer is turned on.
    • You may also be able to bypass the “TCP” option so that if your “ISP” fails to connect, you can force the “VPN” to use “TCP,” the most stable but slow protocol.
  • Enter your user name and password when requested
    • A VPN of a company or a more private application will give you secure access to the network, and the processes will change depending on how the company set up the access method.
    • The VPN application may open a new desktop similar to the desktop work area, known as the default desktop, that gives you access to company resources.
    • You may need to open your web browser and enter a secure web address, which gives you access to your company’s sources. If the VPN can’t open a default desktop, LT will provide you with instructions to access your sources.


  • Run the VPN application
    • Now you can run the application to protect your identity; access protected files on the network or access to blocked websites and content in your country.
    • You can also change settings to allow VPN to work automatically, connect to a random network, and choose the connection method and the most appropriate time.
    • If you use a free VPN, you will often be able to use a certain amount of data each month or may be restricted to a specific time. For these reasons, it is best to activate a VPN to protect your IP address or choose VPN providers that do not specify the amount of data as mentioned above.
    • You can watch Netflix in different countries through a VPN application, allowing you to access movies and shows that are blocked from normally viewing, as the VPN application will allow you to choose which country you want to access.
  • Install Hola on your browser
    • One of the options that provide access to a free and fast VPN application is Hola, a P2P help network that comes as a browser plug-in, which you can easily install to help with free and fast VPN access.
    • Hola works on various computer operating systems for Windows and Mac, and you can install it on Chrome browser, Firefox, and Opera for faster use.
    • This program directs some of your activities through the network and helps to hide your real IP address.
    • Go to home page and press the blue button Get Hola, it’s Free! Then follow the instructions provided by your browser or device to complete the installation.
  • Activate Hola
    • Once the Hola installation is complete, you’ll see a button on the browser bar, in the shape of a smiley face within flames, and press the Hola service.
    • When the application is closed, the color of the face is pale gray with the word “off.”
    • Click on the icon and wait until a pop-up window appears, then press the button in the middle of the window to activate Hola.
  • Choose the country
    • Once Hola is set up you will be able to browse the Internet from different countries, depending on how the application will handle your IP address.
    • Click More to show you a list of available countries.
    • After selecting a country, your page will be reloaded and will work as if you were there.
  • Using Hola

o   You can use Hola to change the IP of your device, in addition to using it to watch Netflix if you are in another country.

o   You can also access blocked sites in your area.

o   Not all users may be able to access the same content in Netflix due to license restrictions.

o   For example, you can go to Netflix and activate the Hola and watch what you want like in another country. If you are outside the United States, click the Browse from US option.

o   If you want to see content on Netflix for the UK and not in the United States, click Browse from U.K.


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