How to Use Google Earth


Use Google EarthThe Google Earth program can be used by understanding some of the terms and concepts of this program and how to deal with it. These concepts include:

  • Google Earth interface: This interface displays a picture of the space of the entire globe, and can display the various Earth sides and zoom the image of the Earth’s object and rotate by clicking and dragging by the right mouse button in the shape of the globe, and the Google Earth interface contains a small compass where a map is displayed.
  • Italic: This is a type of presentation on Google Earth. This view method is best when the user wants to run the terrain layer, where the images can be viewed as if the user were above them.
  • 3D View: Buildings can be viewed in 3D and move between buildings.
  • Search Google Earth: A Google Earth user can search for an address by using the right corner of the top Google Earth program.
  • Bookmarks: A user’s home or workplace can be distinguished by bookmarking these places.

Google Earth Features

There are many advantages to Google Earth, and the most important advantages of this program include:

  • Google Earth does not need any financial cost; it’s a free download.
  • With this program, you can zoom in on the globe and see its details.
  • Google Earth can be continuously updated over the Internet.
  • New content for Google Earth is added through the forum for this site.

Use Google Earth

What is Google Earth?

It is a program provided by Google allows users to access a massive volume of data as diverse as geographical and social.

Google Earth is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. This program is free and costs nothing. The program offers different buttons to navigate the map’s parts.


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