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Use DropboxDropbox is a cloud hosting service that enables the user to store, restore and share online files from PDFs to movies; it is a digital equivalent of flash memory, with additional benefits.

In the article, we will learn about the best way to use the main Dropbox.

Hosting files on Dropbox

The first step to start using Dropbox is to sign in to the account; you can create an account, provide it with your name and a valid mail address, or sign in if you have a Google account. Then you will enter It will direct you to download the desktop version, and you can open your files from your device even if you are offline.

Go back to the main page of Dropbox, and you’ll see the following:

To add a file: Click the “Upload Phil” button on the left. On a desktop version, you can simply insert or drag files into the Dropbox folder. Classic Dropbox gives you 2 gigabytes of storage space to store the files you want for free before reaching the limit. Your files will appear on the web and desktop, and you can store them automatically.

Sharing files on Dropbox

When you add your files you can start using Dropbox to share them. It is very simple. On the desktop, right-click on your file and choose Copy Dropbox link. The link will be copied, and you can paste it to send to whoever you want.

If you want to work directly on the Internet, open your file and click on the “share” button at the top, then click “copy link” or type in an email address to send your file directly: Anyone will be able to access your file when you share it, as the DropBox account does not require opening the link.

Create sharing folders in the following way:

  • Open your home page and click “Share Folder” in the upper-right corner
  • A window will pop up asking you to create a new folder or share Select what you want, and then click “Next.”
  • Name the folder and enter the e-mail for the people you want to The folder will then appear in the “Shared Folder” category.

This method will be very useful if you are working on a group project, or you want to categorize it to facilitate access to business documents. The person with whom you shared the folders will be able to upload them, comment on them, and edit the files.

Follow the same instructions for the links.

Request files from Dropbox

Another useful feature of Dropbox is “File Request” and is used to collect and receive files from multiple people.

You can invite anyone to send files to your Dropbox account, even if he does not have a Dropbox account.

This feature is especially useful if you’re working on a photo album and need to group your photos as examples.

Senders will not be able to access your account or see files; only you can access the received files unless you want to share the files with them.

A new folder will be created for each request so you can save your project files separately.

To do this:

  • Click “File Request” that appears under “Files,” a window will pop up asking you to name your order and choose where to save the received files.
  • When you complete this step, you will create a link, copy and send it to the person you want to collect files from, or send the invitation by email; a folder will be created in “File Requests” and the images sent will appear there

Use Dropbox

Recovering deleted files on Dropbox

It is another great feature, in which Dropbox allows you to recover what you deleted from files within 30 days of being removed for the first time.When you realize that you deleted a file by mistake, open Deleted Files on the left, and all files that have been deleted within 30 days will appear:

  • Click on the file you want to restore
  • Click “Restore,” and the file will return directly to Dropbox again

Upgrade Dropbox

The free version of DropBox allows you to recover files within 30 days, but if you think you need more, you can upgrade to Dropbox Plus for £ 6.58 per month.

You’ll get 1TB of storage space, the ability to recover deleted files within 120 days and many good features such as the ability to protect files by password.

If this is useful for your business, DropBox offers a business version starting at £ 10 a month.


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