How to type Fast on the Computer keyboard

Written by: Samia Arif

Sit in an appropriate way 

Sitting properly is by taking the appropriate position for writing; were making back straight, while maintaining a distance of not less than forty-five to seventy cm at least between the screen and the eyes rays, preferably face is tilted with the head forward.Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner

Sitting properly will increase blood flow to the fingers, enhancing the ability of the hands to type properly, reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel problem, and protect the aches accompanying it, and reduce the causes of numbness in the wrist, knowing that It is also necessary to adjust the height of the computer screen, so that it is suitable for the head level in such a way as to ensure that it remains upright.

How to type Fast on Computer keyboard


You must learn the art of precision in writing, to avoid as many errors as possible, which should be written slowly at first to master this command, which directly reflected over time to improve your speed


The practice of writing permanently on the computer will make you a person familiar with key places, thus increasing your typing speed without having to look at the keyboard.

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In typing many tips will help beginners to master the art of typing, the most important of which are the following:

• You must first learn how to touch the keyboard correctly, using the appropriate fingers; as the practice increases the confidence and accuracy in typing, and increases the speed also, although the beginners are not required to master typing immediately, it takes them Some time; you should learn to type first, then move to master both precision and speed, and this needs to enhance muscle memory Carmel #1 Car and Limousine Service in America

• The use of the senses: The process of learning and acquiring new skills need to the senses, including hearing, sight, and touch; as When the user sees the word on a computer screen has to pronounce them out loud, and then type using his fingers, knowing that some computer programs are considered multi-sensory, so that they can take advantage of them in the early stages of typing.
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• It is recommended to avoid sitting in front of the computer screen for a long time; the typing time should not exceed one hour at most, not less than twenty minutes, taking into account that the practice of effective ways to achieve the proficiency of automatic movements in typing, but Short typing with repetition is better and more effective.Cheap Flights, Discount Flight Tickets on skytrolly


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