How to Make Google Home page?

Written by: Samia Arif

 Google Chrome

You can put Google the homepage so that it appears first when you open the browser on the Google Chrome browser, by GroundLink

• Press the Menu icon in the top right of the browser, which is three vertical dots.

• Select Settings from the drop-down menu.


• Type “Home” in the search box at the top of the page.

• Activate the Show Home button option.

• Type the URL of the site that the user wants to make the browser home page, or select the New Tab page, then the settings will be changed automatically, and continue using the Chrome browser. Free flight comparison with Skyscanner


The Google homepage can be placed on the Firefox browser using the following steps:

• Open the Preferences menu.

• Go to the General settings tabs.

• Choose the set of Firefox’s behavior and choose the show home page.

• Enter the URL of the Google site in the existing box, which is:, then Google will automatically select a home page on the Firefox browser, and the settings menu can be closed. Flight Deals?

Internet Explorer

Google Home can be placed on the Internet Explorer browser through the following steps:

• Open the Tools menu by clicking on the icon located at the top right of the browser.

• Select Internet Options.

• Write or copy and paste the URL that a user wants to place a master page in the first box, and click Apply. Search flights with Skyscanner

• Go to the Tabs section, and then click Settings.

• Select the first home page option, and then click OK.


Google Home can be placed on the Safari browser through the following steps:

• Select Preferences in the browser, and then choose a general option.

• Write the Google site address in the Home section in the space provided.

• Click the Enter button. Compare prices on flights with Skyscanner

Mobile Phones

Google can place a home page on mobile phones, by:

Android devices:
Bose FR Homepage

• Open the browser application on your phone.

• Select Menu, then Settings.

• Choose the General option, then Set Home Page.

• Write a Google URL,

IOS devices: 

You can’t set a home page, but you can create a shortcut for Google on the phone’s home screen by:

• Open the browser, and write the URL of the Google site in the text bar of the browser.

• Select the arrow symbol of the page.

• Select Add to Home Screen.
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